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Hello from Minneapolis, MN


Joined Nov 13, 2019
Hello All,

Long time lurker and new smoker, decided it's time to make an account and start being part of the group. I grew up around a ton of smoking by friends and family with Pitts and Spitts/Lang stick burners. Recently decided to pick up a small little electric smoker with no product research ($50 sale refurb portable electric masterbuilt) as the price was right and I was feeling impulsive. Also may have had a little too much Lagavulin. That, and I do a lot of fishing and wanted a sacrificial smoker for my monthly catches. Got an A-MAZE-N AMNPZ that I run in it, and so far its been a good little setup. Done some tri-tip, pork loin and jerky. It actually does a pretty good job! Temps wander, that is to be expected, and in the cold weather here I can get it to maybe 260-270 (front thermo says its 225, because masterbuilt.)

Also took the free-99 charcoal grill I got and retrofitted it for a little redneck smoker. Pics attached, using a cookie sheet as a chamber separator to deflect some of the radiant heat from the coals, terrible temp gradient, but it turned out just fine. It was really an ugly setup, but decided I was bored and wanted to try a little project. You will see the steak and pork chop. Thought it is what I had, so if it fits, it sits, it smokes. They look a lot drier than they were, still beat what you get at Applebees but not by a whole lot.

Have a thermo pro for temps, and a lot of cooking/grilling gear so its just the main hardware I'm lacking.

Looking forward to the group and the future. Right now, working on plans for a relatively hands off smoker setup and something that can hit a little hotter for birds. Then in the future would definitely like to continue the legacy with a Lang or Spitts. Kinda also want to build an ubs just for the fun of it.

For work I am a Mech-E, have lived into a few other states for a while but came back to the frigid mn tundra a few years ago. Other hobbies that you can feel free to chat with me on: Ice Fishing, Brewing, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Reloading, Scotch and Burbon, Sous Vide, Camping and Hiking, Off-roading, and High Power Rocketry.


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Rampagex5, welcome out of the shadows. Glad you're here and bringing the scotch, along with all the other fine hobbies you have. Definitely looking forward to seeing your posts and projects.

Enjoy the forum!



Joined Oct 9, 2019
Hello neighbor, i was a union operator in local 49 for 5 years and local 150 in chicago for 28. I live just over the border in Wisconsin. I smoked some Northern last winter and i was surprised how good they turned out, just had to work around the bones but that wasnt a big deal.
Anyways always good to see some close by members , Patrick


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Welcome to SMF from the other side of the river. Where in Mpls are you?

Fueling Around

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Joined Dec 10, 2018
Welcome from another Minnesota that often wonders "why did I move back here".
At least you live in the warm part.
You have a good start on the fun


Joined Nov 13, 2019
Hello Noboundaries, thank you! Will keep you informed!

Hardwood, nice to meet you. I generally swing to your side of the river from time to time. A lot of my friends are across the border there.

Hola Kruizer, Thank you, and I am in the suburbs.

Hey Fueling Around, Yea the cold is harder than some of the places I have been but I really am a winter activity person so its fine for me.


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Welcome from Ohio. Looking forward to seeing your cooks. Also look forward to some fishing posts.

JC in GB

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Welcome from Wisconsin. As a mech-e, you should already be busy building your own 500 gallon offset pit. High powered rocketry you say? Would love to see some pics of your birds.

Have fun, there is a treasure trove of knowledge on this site and whole lot of good people, :emoji_cat:

JC :emoji_cat:
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