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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by chesapeakesmoke, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone,

    My Name is J.T. I live just south of Annapolis Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay and have been smoking for about 4 years on a modified offset and master built electric smoker. I just now joined the forum but have been lurking as a guest for awhile now as my cooks have improved greatly since finding SMOKING-MEAT.COM. I want to say thanks for all of the great information and I am looking forward to much more. I am currently in the market for a new smoker and I pretty much have it down to what I want (Lang Hybrid Deluxe Patio) and what makes the most sense for my situation (Yoder YS640). I think the next things I look forward to learning are jerky, sausage and bacon and will be searching for tips.


  2. Welcome from Frederick county Md. This is a great fourm. Nice to see more Marylanders here. Keep an eye on Dealers F.D. they raffle a Lang 48 last year. Maybe they will again this year, and you live so close. Happy smoking.
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    Yes, I entered that raffle last year that Deale Fire Dept. put on but not sure they will do it again as it took the whole year to get enough entries. I think the drawing was finally on Nov. 1st unless it was planed that way.
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  4. [​IMG]Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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    Welcome JT

    Glad you made your membership official!

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    I was 1 number away from winning that raffle!! Imagine my disappointment when I was reading the numbers and getting happier as I went until I reached that last number... :(

    That being said, I am also now looking to buy a Lang soon. PCC was up there, but they're pricey. Lang is my top choice because they seem to be the best bang for your buck. I will be down in southeast Alabama soon, so I can pick it up on my way home and save 700 bucks on shipping to MN.

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