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  1. Sunday will be a first time spare rib smoke. :grilling_smilie:
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    Spare ribs are just so dang yummy, probably the most frequent cut of meat that gets smoked on our smoker.  What's your smoking plan? 
  3. Spareribs sound great to me!!! [​IMG]  If you could have them done early enough on Friday, I'll pick up a rack on my way through... [​IMG]

    I'll be racing through both of your neighborhoods on Friday. Heading up to Tahoe for a work and fun weekend... [​IMG]

    I rarely get to smoke on weekends, always working. [​IMG]   Although eats should be interesting on Sunday. I get to participate in a food/wine pairing competition against the likes of the Manzanita at the Ritz-Carlton, Resort at Squaw Valley  and several other restaurants of that same caliber. Me and only my chocolates... [​IMG]  ...and boy do I have a surprise for them... [​IMG]

    NoBoundaries, are you and your wife coming up this weekend?

    Saturday I'm in space 50 in the Artisan Marketplace, sharing a booth with Powell Mountain Cellars of Paso Robles. I am sampling my chocolates and pouring their wine, due to an emergency, for the Wine Walk. Our space is almost dead center, on the east side of the skating rink. On Sunday, I'm supposed to have a space in the marketplace again, but as of now, I'm located inside the skating rink for the Grand Tasting and food pairing competition. I'll no more information tomorrow afternoon.
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    Pink Flamingo, looking forward to your mouthwatering ribs! 

    SFP, sent you a PM.  See you Saturday hopefully!
  5. What time can I come by and pick up my rack?
  6. sfprankster, my 4 year old daughter has a nose for chocolate [​IMG]  I'M SURE SHE'LL KNOW when you come through town.
  7. noboundaries, I'm going to start with Jeff's Naked Rib Rub recipe on a St Louis cut.......
    My new "Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer" just came in from Amazon yesterday. As you know it's been worm lately, most likely in the high 90's with a cloudy skyline Sunday making it on the sticky side for us Californians. Not sure what temp to run the smoke. I was thinking 220 - 230 with no wrap and no sauce. Suggestions are welcome.

    Kevin :grilling_smilie:
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  8. Your daughter already has it down pat then. Good chocolate has an intense smell. I'm around it so much, I think I'm somewhat immune to it. Most of the kids aren't the biggest fans of my chocolates. They're more on the bitter end of the spectrum. The sweeter chocolates we make, are the result of infusing wines and fresh fruit into the chocolate. The latent sugars, left behind from the wine and fruit during the infusion, gives a sweeter finish to some of our chocolates. Most are on the darker side(70%+ cacao). We are using spices and vanilla beans to create a floral sensation in the sinuses. These floral notes, creates a sweetness that is exhibited on the palate, without the use of additional sugars. 

    We mostly target the wine and foodie crowd with unusual infusions into chocolate. For me, the chocolate is the vehicle, to deliver unique combinations of flavors. I make them for upscale events and businesses in small, handcrafted batches. Some batches have been made only once and will never be made again... [​IMG]

    As to the ribs....I prefer rub only, no sauce... [​IMG]  

    Have fun, enjoy the ribs and have a great weekend!!!
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  9. sfp........Yep, Bella will hold out a platter of ribs for chocolate as you fly bye. :super:

    As Bella grows up, I'm sure she will become quite the chocolate connoisseur. We'll raise a smokin rib toast to all our Cali friends while you're having fun up the hill. :beercheer:
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  10. You have my car confused with someone else's. My Prius doesn't get much aerodynamic lift with a top speed much over 90...

    ...going downhill, downwind and with a push... [​IMG]
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    Kevin, how'd the ribs turn out?

    BTW, my wife and I drove up to the Tahoe event, met SFP and his delightful chocolate taster, plus had a great time. His booth was VERY popular! Phenomenal chocolates! My wife even scored a taste of SFP's pulled pork and Char Siu lunch and let me know I don't quite have SFP's Char Siu mastered yet. I agree! It was a fun and tasty day!
  12. Noboundaries, good morning.
    I've started a new thread "Ribs tomorrow!" And will be posting progress for today's smoke.
  13. Glad you both had fun and great meeting you both!!

    Thanx for the compliments on our chocolates!! 

    How could we not have a popular booth? Wine and chocolate all day. We were only missing the smoked meats and we brought that for our lunch.

    On Sunday, the food ramped up a few notches. A catering company brought a smoked pork belly bacon(little tough, didn't know you could do that [​IMG]  ) with a caramelized onion jelly that was a great combination, paired with a Bourbon Manhattan. Others pairings included lemon aioli dressed scallops with a Sauvignon Blanc, caviar over fast pickled pears and coconut with a sparkling white wine and too many others to list. 

    So glad to be home getting relief from the heat. Sunday the winds shifted and brought the smoke from the Amador county fire and made the drive down from Lake Tahoe surreal. Back to the familiar fog and a light drizzle last night and today to cool things off here from last week's 100+ temperatures.

    Try the char siu recipe using pork belly. Let the pork belly brine 2-3 days in the marinade and then slow smoke over any fruit wood. You'll change her mind quickly!! 

    Pink Flamingo, no link to the finished ribs??
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    Will do on the pork belly SFP!

    BTW, one of my daughters and her hubby might drop by your booth in Aptos this coming weekend!  I've already been talking up the Firecracker chocolate. 
  15. On Sunday I got one of the chefs into a cat furball, gagging fit, with a piece of the firecracker. And I swear I asked him if he liked hot and spicy food beforehand... [​IMG]

    Funny as hell!!!

    If you PM me your daughter and her hubby's names, I may be able to get them free wristbands for the event. I have to submit staff names to the promoter by Wednesday.
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    Okay, that was FUNNY!

    PM to be sent right after this.  If it works great!  If not, no worries.   
  17. Hello prankster,
    Have you ever made Boudin?
  18. I've eaten it, but never made it.
  19. I think it would make a great filling for ABT's.
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    Knights Landing is pretty close to me. We'll have to get together and get down on some Q sometime.

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