Heading To Paducah

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My wife wants to go to Paducah to do some quilt shop snooping for fabrics. Since I have a good friend there I called and asked if they needed eggs...Sure if you have couple dozen.

Well yeah.

How about a flat?

Noooooo way to many for the 2 of us.

Ok I will wash a few up.

Went to Paducah many moons ago at the behest of a guy I went to school with in Millington, TN. He said we could catch some kinda spoonbill catfish at the dam in Paducah. We burned some gas, drank some beer and didn't catch a darn thing. Folks were trying to snag the fish with big lead weighted treble hooks. Either way, eggs would have been a better reason to drive up that way.
There is a terrific Mexican restaurant just off exit #3, the first exit off I-24 coming from Illinois
I’ll see if I can find the name
El Torito on Cairo Rd
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We used to do the BBQ On The River there but some pencil pusher messed it all up and now my friend who was raised there said it sux now.
Found it and edited prior post
El Torito on Cairo Rd.
Wife got a big bag of their chips and they stayed fresh from November to January.
After hours at Hancock fabrics I finally made it to Starnes for my yearly bbq sauce fix. 3 bottles.

Met up with our good friends and ate here.

Yup good prepared hot food and seasoned good. The tamale was very good as was everyones meal and chips/salsa.

We will go back.

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