Happy Birthday Chop!

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Happy birthday Rich! Hope you have a great day and maybe a wonderful meal from the kids!

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happy birthday! I hope it's a grand day for you.
Lynn , you're the best . I appreciate the thought .
Just got done replacing the pilot assembly in my 17 year old water heater . Not that easy to lay down and work anymore , but it's working ( for now ) .
Thanks again .
Already your birthday again,
No kidding . Hey , seeing all the " walking wounded " down at the hall last night was a blast .
maybe a wonderful meal from the kids!
Ryan , they took me to breakfast this morning . Really good .
here I thought Rich was a Bud lite drinker. Being from St.Louis and all.
Never did drink Bud light . Just wasn't my thing . Then or now .
SmokinVOLfan SmokinVOLfan
Beast light and a haircut , you'd be pretty close .

Appreciate all the wishes fellas . Really do .
Had my Local Christmas party last night . That's always a good time and just happens to fall around my Birthday .

Kids got me some nice gifts and reservation to this steakhouse for next week .
Rated the number 3 Steak house in St.Louis . Should be good .

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