Ham Cabbage Soup

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Another great meal Brian. You're killing it bud.
Thanks Rich
That's a whole lot of yum in that meal. Great job Brian.
Thanks Dave
If you want lower no sugar carb desserts that are totally like cheating AllDayIDreamAboutFood is the best place to go. She is a friggin wizard lol. I doubt you can find any dessert she hasn’t recreated.
That is a great site. Thanks for that Jeff.
Man that soup looks good, especially with the colder dreary weather we are having right now. Great work! :)
Thanks Carlo.
Looks great Brian! And that pie is beyond words!
Thanks Steve
Man Brian, that's a whole lot of ingredients for a pot of soup but I bet it was fantastic. Be a perfect meal for the weather we've been having the past couple days. Wanna ship me a quart or two?? :emoji_laughing:

Thanks Robert. Been eating for three days and still good. Unloading the rest at the river.
So this was requested by friends on the river today. Guess it was good last time. I got a ham for $5 this week and just doing in the oven. This will be getting done again.
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Friends on river asked for more and it here it is: To hot to mess with and in the seventy's today so off to the river. For a pretty easy dish this is so good!

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