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  1. So, the events are getting bigger, the days can't be stretched any more than they are, just pulled off -another- 4 butt batch out of the BTLE, and tired of watching all these guys are building all these wonderful smokers without DOing anything about it.


    Got a tank from Southern States, the Lincoln tombstone went on sale at HD (it's been a while since I made sparks but I expect I can still lay down a fair bead), a buddy says he has a boat trailer he would let go just for a pork party after the smoke clears -- it seems the stars are aligning and it's Time To Build.

    First question:

    Southern States says the tank is a "72 gallon".  From the dimensions (outside 24" x 48") it is roughly 100 gals.

    Allowing for tank wall thickness and some slop for the (not so) curved ends I get a gallon capacity of about 84 gals.

    Allowing for an 85% fill factor, seems like that's where the 72 gal. number comes from? 

    Nothing against my friends at SS but the "I dunno, we call it a 72 wasn't particularly precise.


    Pictures here if I can get that to work...

  2. Sure they didn't say 72 lbs?
  3. Well -- I did consider that.  However, here's a picture of it standing next to one of my 40lb tanks, and if you need that much more cubic to get 32 more lbs. product... I don't know.  Using 4.2 lbs/gal for propane and 72 gals, it comes out to a nominal fill capacity of 300 lb.  I can tell you it's about what I could do to get it off the truck and stand it up - and I know I won't be putting it back on by myself.

  4. Yeah, it's an odd size, but I wouldn't mind having a few of them.

    One word of advise since your seam is dead center, scab some angle onto the tank in four places, above and below each horizontal cut for your door. This style tends to suck in instead of bow out like the ones with end caps,.
  5. Just until you get the plate inside, and door flanges , etc. installed
  6. Odd size, yeah, fat and short, maybe that's why it was so cheap!

    "scab some angle onto the tank in four places" -- you mean tack some angle on it to be sure it holds shape while I'm cutting this and that openings?
  7. Yeah, the few I did that we're made like that tries to "hour glass " on me. I took some 1" angle and tacked in on like I mentioned to hold it all in place. The reverse flow plate will keep the bottom of your door opening from pulling in once you get it welded in.
  8. OK so if the attached drawing is actually attached... I'd thought of welding on some 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 about 45 deg. from BDC to use as leg attachment points, another angle say 1 1/2 x 1/2 above the door (because of being farther around the curve near the top) to use as a hinge attachment point.  These two plus two temporary angle pieces within the outline of the door should provide enough stiffening?

  9. Found an old boat trailer at the right price.  It's a Gator, model unknown as the builders decals etc. are Long Gone and I can't find a plate anywhere.  IT was acquired by my friend with a Boston Whaler on it and he only wants the boat.  Looking at ads etc. for old Gators it seems the springs are in the 1,800 - 1,900 lb. range so I should be OK there as long as I don't go nuts with wood storage, an open grill, etc. in addition to the smoker itself.


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