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  1. I am looking to purchase a grinder.  Something under 100.00 would be nice to start out with I'm guessing.  I have a kitchen aid and was thinking about getting the grinder for that but I have heard reviews of metal shavings going into the meat!  Is there any suggestions out there of a decent grinder in that price range?  I am also not partial to a old fashion crank to start out with...any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!    Also a decent reasonably priced stuffer?????
  2. Welcome to the forum.

    Lots of people use the Kitchen Aid.

    Honestly I'm not impressed with most of the low cost grinders.

    Personally, I'd start with the Kitchen Aid and save up for a LEM in the future.

    The grizzly 5 lb, stuffer is probably the best bargain.

    It does have plastic gears, but that's not an issue if you're careful.

    I've had mine a long time.

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    We used our KA grinder for quite a while, it works just fine. Don't bother with the KA stuffer attachment though, just get a vertical stuffer.
  4. @alelover, I've been looking at the grinder at NT for a while now... and now that it's on sale I'm really thinking of popping for one.  Are you happy with yours?


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    The Northern Tool grinder is a good unit.  You could spend more if you are doing large amounts, but for small batches, save the money for a stuffer!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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  7. Thanks Venture.  I already have a stuffer, so I'm good to go there.  Just wanting to add a decent grinder to the tool kit.


  8. Thanks everyone!

    Alelover, I like the idea of having an all in one unit like that for small batches here and there.  I just may get that set-up to start with.  Did you just order yours online?  

    Thanks and have a great day everyone!
  9. I have a Northern Tool near my house.
  10. Nice!  I wander if they sell those at cabelas?  I have one of those near my house.

    I found this on cabelas site.  Looks like this is comparable to the northern tool grinder?  Has anyone ever used this?  If it looks good I may just go there to get it.  I like buying from stores, plus it gives me a reason to go to cabelas!
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     There is also one made for the KA by chef's choice that's supposed to be more robust, but it's about $150. Really, for under $100, you're not going to do much better than the KA. As long as you partially freeze your meat and cut it into strips that will easily fit in the neck, it works like a charm.
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    I have the Northern grinder and it works great for my needs, I left some cubed meat in the freezer to long and some it it was frozen pretty good and it chewed it up no problem! Not a bad grinder for a Hondo ($100)
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    I went through this process recently.  I initially bought a #22 manual grinder and found that not all grinders that say universal can share the same plates.  I ended up just putting in on the shelf as a lesson learned.  I love that I could put larger pieces into it, and didn't really mind cranking it the 10 min. it took to grind 10 lbs of meat, but being stuck with a single sized grinder plate wasn't acceptable.  Don't by the "royal industries" brand grinder if you want different plates and don't buy their saying plates are available as when I called them, they could not provide a single place to buy them.

    I ended up going with the northern tool grinder pointed to above for a few reasons.

    1. many people here have it and report good results

    2. it comes with three different grinder plates (small, medium, large)

    3. it has all metal parts (or is reported to I haven't taken it apart . . .yet)

    4. it is very well priced <$100

  16. Thanks Dave.  I am thinking of getting either the one you mentioned above or cabelas make one very similar for the same price.  Only reason is that cabelas is only 20 minutes from my house and I can go there if I have any problems.  I have not ruled out the one you mentioned though since I have heard all good things, I wander what they charge for shipping?  Thanks for the advise I appreciate it!
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    Lots of people here use the Cabelas grinders and report good results.

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I would stay with the northern tool........... read the reveiws for the cabelas.. Plastic gears... The NT has steel gears.. Dont get me wrong cabelas has great customer service and sells good products but The people here at SMF have given the NT grinder a hardy thumbs up.....


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