Grilled Cheese Part Deux

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Jan 31, 2022
New Mexico
Another Friday, another grilled cheese.
Since jcam222 jcam222 mentioned haloumi last time, I decided to give that a go. Recipes for haloumi are all over the place. I decided to do the following:
Did 3.5 gallon batch. Raw cows milk.
1/2tsp rennet (some recipes called for a LOT of rennet, I typically use 1/2tsp for 5 gallons milk for hard cheeses, so I used more than normal, but not crazy amount that some recipes call for)
Heat to 90 -94 F.
Mix rennet with 1/4 cup cool water and add. Stir well. Target clean break is at 40 minutes.
Stir and heat to 104 -108 over 20 -30 minutes.
Continue to stir for 20-30 minutes.
Pack into mold, needing whey out as you go.
Let set in mold while you great reserved whey to 194 F. (You can add acid here if you want to make ricotta. I added a half gallon of milk here to increase yield).
Remove cheese from mold and cut into disks 1" thick. Return disks to heated whey. Poach for 40 minutes to an hour. They are ready when the float to the surface (but mine never did float).
Remove from the whey. Surface salt with 1 tbsp of salt per each gallon of starter milk, evenly distributed.
Fold hot disks in half.
Store covered in fridge until ready to eat.


I grilled the cheese on a hot gas grill for about 6 minutes each side, flipping several times.

Squeeze a little lemon over them as they come of the grill.

Sliced on a bias and served on a gluten free focaccia bun with mayo and a side salad of cucumber and herbs from the garden with honey mustard dressing.



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Thanks guys!
This morning chopped up the leftover cheese and bread, added some hotdogs and a dozen eggs and turned it into a strata.

The cheese on top got crunchy and was excellent! This cheese has a very high capacity for char! I should have grilled it harder yesterday.
Luckily we have about 2 lbs more! 😋
Everything you have done here looks great. I've never done haloumi, this has inspired me.
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