BBQ Grilled Cheese

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Jan 31, 2022
New Mexico
You all know that feeling, when you just need some grilled food or BBQ. Well it happened yesterday around 3 PM.
Aside from being far too late to start smoking anything, our family doesn't eat meat on Fridays. What to do, what to do.
It struck me, milk is basically a baby cow, but still in liquid form. And cheese is the solid form of milk... ergo I should be able to treat some cheese like I would a piece of meat!

Defrosted a piece of paneer I made 2 years ago from goats milk. Paneer is a heat and added acid coagulated cheese, like queso Blanco and ricotta. Fun thing about this type of cheese is that it also contains the whey proteins and IT DOESN'T MELT. It also is totally unseasoned, not even salt.

Decided to hit it with some SPOG and sit while I made a gluten free loaf (my wife is the baker, but is resting after our recent child birth, so don't judge my bread).


Grilled the cheese on a medium high gas grill. You are just looking for color, to form a little crust and warm it up a little. If you actually cook it too much it can get very hard.

I was also making grilled pineapple, so dumped the sugar syrup that came off the pineapple into some Kinders mild BBQ sauce and coated both sides before topping with some home made green chile garlic queso fresco. Left it on just long enough to set the sauce and melt the cheese.

Coated the bread with some home made mayo, an extra slather of sauce and served with sauerkraut on the side. No pretty plating, we are indefinite "eat on the couch" mode right now.


My only regret is not starting the bread earlier so I could actually grill the sandwich. Then I could have called it a grilled cheese grilled cheese sandwich.

Next time!
Thanks everyone!
Looks awesome! I've grilled haloumi a few times and loved it
Haloumi if definitely on my cheese making short list. Hopefully soon now that we have mint coming out our ears.
Yeah, I'd be piled up on the couch with a plate of that too! Heck, I'd even change a diaper.

Lol! I've had two in diapers for 6 years now. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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