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Jun 17, 2007
Hello All- I'm from Houston Texas and Just received my first smoker today for Fathers Day. It's a Grillware propane verticle smoker, It's so new I havent even fired it up yet!! I look forward to searching through this site and getting some good ideas and recepis as well as techniques. I guess I have put off smoking for so long because it always seemed so complicated but I've got one now and hopefully it will produce some delicious meals.......especially ribs!!!........
Welcome to SMF Lance-a-lot. You will find out smoking is not that hard. You just have to have patience. Seach the threads and you will find anything you are looking for. If not, there are plenty of friendly people here to help you, just ask.

Check out the 3-2-1 method for spareribs. It works like a charm. When you do them, don't forget the pictures!
Welcome Lance-a-lot. Sit back, kick off your shoes and read the articles and comments here and you should do fine. Keep us informed about your smokes and we really like Q-views (pics).
Welcome to SMF Lance-A-Lot!!! Be sure and sign up for TulsaJeff's 5-day eCourse. There is no better quick start tool I know of plus it is a great supplement to the forum to help you understand what you are reading.
Welcome aboard the SMF! I look forward to the stories and pics your new smoker produces. The 3-2-1 method turns out some awesome ribs.
Welcome to SMF. Lots of great people and good food. You will learn a lot here, don't be afraid to ask.
Welcome to the SMF
Hmmmmm......I cant find the ribs 3-2-1 meathod....where is that located?
welcome to smf, from another texan. i agree, take the 5-day course. it will help alot. it helped me. also, sign up for the newsletter. jeff's rub and sauce recipes are excellent too.
HEllo and welcome Lance-a-lot! Congrats on your new smoker. I have a question for all you peeps on here. What secret do you use for your ABT's?? Mine never turn out quite right. I just made another batch and they're missing something but I can't quite put my finger on it. Thanks!!

Thanks for the reminder about seasoning the smaoker, I read about that and meant to ask if it was really nesessary....I'll do it tonight.
Lance-A-Lot Welcome to SMF. Glad you're here. ABT's are Atomic Buffalo Turds .. or.. Jalepeno peppers that have the seeds and membrane removed stuffed with cheese plus anything under the sun you might think would taste good with them then wrapped or topped with bacon and smoked until the bacon is crisped up to your liking.

Don't be a stranger and if you have any more questions just ask.
Welcome Lance -

ABTs = atomic buffalo turds or smoked stuffed Jalepino peppers. A real treat if you haven't tried them.

Fattys are smoke breakfast sausage - usually Jimmy Dean 4" sausages another favorite treat and almost requirement when your smoking.

One of the favorites around here is cream cheese and smoked fatty stuffing wrapped in bacon. Or Cream cheese and shrimp wrapped in bacon. Or cream cheese, mushrooms and smoked fatty wrapped in bacon...
Howdy, Howdy there Lance-A-Lot! You've certainly came to the right place!

Congrats on the new smoker!...You're gonna enjoy it.

Welcome to the SMF!...
Glad to have you aboard!...It's a GREAT place to be!!

We have lots of Great Folks, Great Food, there's Tons of info,...and...more fun than you can shake a handful of rib bones at!...I think you'll like it here...

Check out Jeff's Free 5 Day eCourse...It'll get you started off right in the Adventures of Smoking Meat!...And...the price is right to boot!!...

It's a Great little eCourse...Lots of good stuff in there!...Take it from me!!

We're all looking forward to hearing all about your new 'Adventures' don't forget to keep us informed!...
...and...Oh...We like pics too!...

And again...Welcome aboard!...Glad you joined up with us..You have arrived!!

Until later...

have the same smoker and responded to one of your other posts.

Suggest taking Jeff's 5 day course. It is linked in the SMF forums at the top. It will keep you out of trouble and gives great advice on many subjects we face for smokin the food.

Have fun and again, welcome

PS, DEEJAYDEB has a great site that is chock full of stuff ,Might check that out?? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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