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Feb 8, 2021
Fulshear, TX
Hello All – my name is Rick and I live just west of Houston, TX. Arkansas native but been in SE Texas area from not long after high school.

Although I do not own any special equipment, or techniques, I’ve been around BBQ and Smoking my entire adult life. In fact I never owned a gas grill until just a few years ago when a neighbor had a hand-me-down Weber Genesis for a C-note. It gets me by for my grillin’ needs, but I’ve also been caught throwing in a remote grill thermometer and a smoke tube and turning into a decent smoker for a couple of hours…he he. So you can see where my heart is…and that Tri-Tip was yummy!

I have a few current interests that I want to pick up and learn about:
- curing and smoking, cold smoke and high smoke, and what’s best to do when why and how
- some sort of DIY smoker, versatile for cold and hot smoke
- and since I was a kid I have thought about having a large offset brick smoker (go figure that one…)

My moniker is inspired by my two puppies, Cody and Max; a toy black-tri Aussie, and Max (the cat!), a chocolate Pomeranian. Max just turned eight and Cody is right behind him with a New Year eve b-day! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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