Greetings from Eastern Iowa

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Nov 25, 2022
I came across this forum looking for information on an electric smoker build. I was looking to purchase a Cookshack SM160 electric smoker. This thing is large enough to cook 50lbs of meat and takes up the space a mini fridge. The main drawback is the cost - $2,200.00. It is manufactured and made in Oklahoma.

My current set up is my tried and true Webber 22" kettle. I have the SNS grill insert and SS griddle. I use a Fireboard 2 Pro controller with the fan. I can run my Webber at 225 degrees all day long.

I am looking for more space. I can only smoke one thing at a time.

Today, my 20 cubic foot GE Hotpoint fridge died. I got 15 years out of it so I'm not complaining. Now I got a wild hair up my rump to turn that into an electric smoker.

I would love to hear from anyone on here who has completed an electric fridge smoker build.


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Welcome to the forum from Minnesota! Your brisket looks very good! Don't have any ideas about your fridge/smoker build, but hopefully others will jump in with ideas. You might want to start a separate thread with a title asking more about what you'd like to try. You could get more members attention that way.
Welcome aboard and nice looking chow. How about the 22s" bigger brother the 26"


Plenty of room for most cooks. Here's a 4lb meatloaf along with a rack each of BB and spares. All being smoked using the SnS

Welcome from the western side of Iowa!

In order to use that as a smoker all the plastic and insulation would have to be removed, then reinsulated with something like rock wool and then covered with metal.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I will be starting new thread on the fridge build.
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