Green Cherry Tomatoes

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina

A friend brought me a grocery sack full of green cherry tomatoes because...well, just because. I guess they didn't know what to do with them and really, I don't either other than letting them ripen or making a salsa. I ate one and they don't really have much flavor. Any suggestions?
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I would think they will ripen in time. Maybe slice a few and make small fried green maters.
I forgot one year I had a bunch of bigger green tomatoes when I was ready to terminate the bushes. Tim/BamaFan took a bunch home with him for some reason he put a few in the smoker while doing something else in it. He tasted them and said they were great he had some event and did all the rest of them and said people really liked them
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I would think they will ripen in time.
Thanks, I feel sure they will so I picked out some to leave on the vine to ripen and the rest I picked off. Ended up with 2 lbs. off the vine. Maybe a green tomato salsa verde, but if they were big tomatoes, the smoking idea sounds interesting...
Maybe a small batch of green tomato chow-chow

Not sure if this is a thing down your way . Mom used to make it when I was a kid


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I'm a little late here, but those would have made awesome ammunition for cabbage night when I was a kid.

On a serious note. How about fried green tomato appetizers.

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I ended up making a salsa. Everyone loved it, but not being a big fan of cilantro, I thought it was just OK. Next time I'll cut back on the cilantro. I used this recipe...
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