Good Evening from Tennessee

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May 6, 2007
Howdy folks! My name's Mike, and as the username and title suggest, I'm from Tennessee (Nashville, TN). I've been smoking now for about a year. I've got a Brinkmann box-style charcoal smoker that I modified with a gas burner BEFORE I found out about the GOSM Big Block - go figure (cost about the same, too). I've had good luck with smoking butts and turkey breasts, but my spareribs have been coming out very tough. I look forward to reading and sharing my experiences where appropriate. Thanks, and happy smoking!
Welcome Mike to SMF'll find lots of great advice here and the peeps are awesome...check out the numerous posts on the 3-2-1- method for your ribs ,they'll never be the same (tough ) again
can i advise or offer a suggestion- smoking ribs.. on the heat(depending on the heat & the meat)30 mins each side-i flip every 15 mins to keep juices running(thats grilling)then move off the heat to the smoke-1 to 2 hrs(i don't do temps i watch the color) never ever use a fork to turn meat.baste or spritz every 30 mins. if this ain't a competition(even if it is),and you have time- covered oven or cover in smoker on 220ish for 45 mins- thats fall of the bone done.yer looking @ 3.5 hrs to 4 hrs tops- even for comp- ya got 'er done ....
Thanks for the welcome and the advice, Tim. I'm headed to the 3-2-1 posts now.
Welcome Mike - we'll have you smokin great food in no time. Look arounds and read all the wonderful info.

Have you signed up for Jeff free 5 day eCourse yet? Good place to start!
Thanks for the welcome, Debi! I haven't signed up yet, but will look into it.
I signed up tonight. Or last night, as it's early morning here.
welcome mike to SMF prepare your brain for the wealth of information you'll find in here and don't forget about the porn
Thanks to all for the welcome! You all are most kind. I'll be sure to start taking food porn shots to share with all. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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