GMG Jim Bowie 1st Butt Smoke Qview

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Dec 30, 2014
Southern California
This was my first pork butt smoke on my JB. Turned out great! I also received my DG downdraft mod yesterday which I was able to use on this smoke. I held a constant 225 degrees during entire smoke.

This was a 6-7 lb. Costco butt. I injected it last night with Butchers Block pork injection along with apple juice and a little apple cider vinegar. Set in fridge overnight. Took the butt out of the packaging material this morning (3am) and used Malcom Reed's AP and BBQ dry rubs. I let it sit for about 1 hour to get to room temp. During this time I fired up the JB to 350 degrees. Once I got the butt on I dropped the temp down to 240 degrees to maintain the 225 temperature. The display temp vs. the grate temp is always about 20-50 degrees off from the actual temp (spoke with GMG customer support and I am getting a new heat shield but that's a different story).

I set the butt on the right of the pit because there is a temp difference of about 10-15 degrees from left to right (right side is always warmer). I used 2 standard oven therms and 1 Chef Alarm grate therm to ensure temps during the smoke. Middle and right side of grate were exactly 225; left side was about 210.

I used Cookin Pellets Perfect Mix for the smoke. I like the smoke flavor profile of these pellets; however, I noticed the JB consumes these pellets more than the standard GM pellets. I mopped the butt every 2 hours with a mixture of apple juice, apple cider vinegar and  Worcestershire sauce. After 4 1/2 hours I inserted a probe into the meat. When the internal temp hit 163, I took the butt out wrapping it in pink butcher paper. I then returned it to the pit and let it do its thing until the internal temp hit 193.

I then let the butt rest for approximately 30 minutes before shredding it down. Including the rest time it took about 11 1/2 hours for the entire cook. During the morning I also made homemade slaw with a white BBQ sauce using gorgonzola cheese. Family doesn't like blue cheese except me. This was also my first time using pink butcher paper and based on my results today, I will continue to use instead of foil. Pork was juicy, tender and had a nice bark. Served with a side of Bush's Baked Beans.

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Great looking pork. Can you post the recipe for your white sauce 
Great looking pork. Can you post the recipe for your white sauce 
Hi -

The recipe for the white sauce I got from watching this chef. The sauce was excellent and I am planning on smoking chicken thighs tomorrow using this sauce as a brine and glaze. Just waiting to see how much rain we get.

I chose this recipe because I love mustard too.
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Looks tasty! I appreciate the details as I prepare to do my only second ever butt (the first was way too salty)

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