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Discussion in 'Pork' started by caseyp, May 4, 2012.

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    Well me and my daughter are gonna be out of town next weekend for mothers day so were doing mothers day this Sunday. The plans are to do 2 racks of spare ribs and a brisket flat. I'm gonna be smoking with a grill that has a smoke box on the side of it. I did some chickens a few weekends ago on it and had a hard time keeping the temp right. The chickens turned out good anyway, especially for my first time smoking anything. We're gonna see how it goes this weekend for weather or not I get another smoker. I went to day and bought my spares and we already had the flat in the freezer at the house. When I did the chickens I had just a regular thermometer so I picked up a digital thermometer with a wireless pager for it.
  2. ...keep us up to date, neighbor!...lotsa q view!!
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    Here it is 3:00 in the am and I have my alarm set to wake me up at 4:00. I can't sleep I'm so excited about smoking these ribs and brisket up for my family. I'm thinking about just getting up and firing the smoker up and getting the rub on my meat. I'm using Jeff Phillips rub recipe just a little less spicy and I made some of the sauce last night and well it was kinda hot so I changed it up a little and added a few ingredients to bring the spice down a bit. I made a double batch of both the sauce and rub. I have seen a bunch of the competition people spray their ribs down with apple cider ever so often, so I bought some last night so I could do that to mine.
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    Well got everything smoking about 5:00.

  5. sounds/looks like a great start!
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    Well I was trying to have it done at noon but it's looking more like 11 which is fine. I'm shooting for an internal temp of 200 and it's at 195 right now. I moved it to the other side of the grill and put the ribs between it and a pan full of corn on the cob. My dad has always wrapped the corn in foil with butter and seasoning in it and put it on the grill. I like the way the corn taste when it's done like that.
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    I will wait with you.
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    Casey , Welcome to the Forum . Your plan sounds good and the  'pre' shots look great. Be sure to send us the finished shots too[​IMG]. It's 11:50 here , so you'll most likely be eating about now , and not worrying about pics[​IMG]  , but enjoy...   isn't BBQ great when you can get to it as soon as it comes off the Smoker[​IMG]  ,nothing better [​IMG].

    Happy Mother's Day to the Wife and to you...

    Have fun and...
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    Well here are some pics. We're about to dig in now. I have tasted it and the bark have a weird after taste to it. I read some where that if you smoke it for too long with hickory or mesquite that you get that after taste. The brisket is perfect, it's juicy and the knife slices through it easily. The ribs are done well too, when you bite in and pull away the meat doesn't pull off the bone. Not too bad for my first time smoking both.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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