Gen3 mes30?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by pauliepaul, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. pauliepaul

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    Hello everyone,

    New poster here but I read a lot. I recently got a mes30 gen1 for Xmas and have a short in the digital control panel. The power randomly cuts on and off if the control unit is screwed to the smoker or moved while sitting on top. I requested a new controller but they would like to send me a new unit instead. I requested a gen1 and they don't think they will supply me with it. I refused to accept a gen 2 after reading the many reviews. They are offering to send me the unit in the pictures below and I was told it's a gen3. I am unable to find any information on the unit including on the master built website. It was explained that they took the best of gen 1 and 2 and made this unit. Can anyone tell me anything about these? Should I fight for a gen 1 or accept this new style?

  2. bearcarver

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    It's hard to tell with that pic, but it looks like a Gen #2.5 without the sun shield over the control.

    It has a full width water pan, which means it doesn't have the worthless "Gen #2" slanted drip plate in it.

    The Top vent is on the back left of the top which is a good thing too.

    It would be nice to see the bottom of the inside, to see if there are any other differences, but from what I can see in this pic (All these pics are about the same) , I would accept this one.

  3. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    I swear these were the ones on QVC a few months ago I mentioned to Bear. These have the oval water pan like the Gen 1 and 2.5. These came with a RF contoller instead of Bluetooth with top left rear vent. Basically a gen 2.5 with the longer range RF remote instead of Bluetooth. If MB confirms this, I'd get it.
  4. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Me too----Especially with the regular RF remote!!!

    Sounds like a Great smoker!!

  5. turborayden

    turborayden Newbie

    I am pretty sure this is the smoker I got. Model # 20077915 from lowes. Mine does not have the oval pan, and does have the slanted drip tray. I am not having problems with it being hot on the right side as some have said before. The smoke generation of this unit is spotty at low temps (225) and ample at 250 to 275. I did my first cook with the AMNTS last night and It performed very well.  have a little  learning to do but hat is another thread.
  6. pauliepaul

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    They directed me to the qvc website for reviews so I am asking more questions before agreeing to the replaced vs a gen1
  7. turborayden

    turborayden Newbie

    Post a link to the qvc review
  8. brickguy221

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    If you have the slanted drip tray, it is a Gen 2.0
  9. pauliepaul

    pauliepaul Newbie

  10. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    The link above shows five pics. The last pic shows te rf controller on the last pic with the gloves. The other pics show the Gen 2.5 oval two level water pan which is fine. I saw all this in the video months ago. It's probably the same video in this link. Looks good to me!
  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member


    Looks like they finally did what I told them.

    They put one together with all the Gen #2.5 goodies, but with the "RF controller".

    The only thing it doesn't have is the Sunshield. (not a big deal)

    That is an Awesome Smoker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. turborayden

    turborayden Newbie

    That cabinet looks the same as mine but the guts are different for sure. Mine has the slanted shield and the baby water pan on the left. The controls and aesthetics of this unit are good.
  13. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    I look forward to hearing more about these and if MB calls this the Gen 3 and if they are in both MES sizes and if it's made for QVC.  In the video  John mentions QVC requested the oval water pan which he kept empty to catch drippings.  I guess we'll see.

  14. I actually got one of these delivered This morning! My Gen 1 (non-replaceable element) died, called MB and they made me a "smokin" deal on this unit. Came with the legs, the vent in the upper left, the RF remote, a pair of BBQ gloves, a cover and a small booklet. $200 plus shipping! even had my choice of color! 

    All in all, a very nice unit. Already Seasoned it up, and smoked a stuffed pork tenderloin for dinner. Came out delicious. The included meat probe even matched my Maverick 732!

    I will say the controller unit seems to be much improved, and even though the chip loader seams small (don't use it much anyway) I did get about 25 minutes out of only 1/2 cup of chips!

    Tomorrow the pastrami goes on, and Thursday is Bacon Day, both with the AMPNS. 

    I would not hesitate at all!

    - Dave
  15. smokinal

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    Looks like a great unit.

    Glad to see MB keeps trying to improve their smokers.

  16. pauliepaul

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    I received the same unit you did but the left front left is over 1/4 inch out of level, water splashes out of the pan when it rocks. Did you have an leveling issues?
  17. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hi Paul,

    It should be easy to level with the adjustments at the feet and/or wheels.

    Tip:  IMHO---Water in the pan doesn't do anything good in an MES unit.

  18. pauliepaul

    pauliepaul Newbie

    there is no adjustment whatsoever on the feet of the unit. Im not so concerned about water, more about the unit is brand new and wobbles like a penguin on my back porch.
  19. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hmmm, All of my MES units have been adjustable at the feet and/or wheels. I adjusted them once when new & never had to touch them again.

    I guess if I had one that was 1/4" out of level, without adjustments, I'd have to put something 1/4" thick under the "short" leg.

    It's a problem with things with 4 legs, which is why they make a lot of stools with 3 legs.

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  20. pauliepaul

    pauliepaul Newbie

    its more of a matter of principle with me

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