Full 7 Rib roast - best one ever!

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Jul 23, 2008
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Well, it's Christmas again.  Many years ago (17 years if i remember right) I decided that, amid devastating news and uncertainty, we would find a way to afford a full rib roast for the holiday.  My wife had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, only weeks or at best a couple months to live, I had major back surgery, couldn't afford to send our oldest son to college (rather, he had to stay home and work to bring in income).  So i blew what little money we had on a full 7 rib roast.  Of course it wasn't cooked right but still was good.  Even in the face of hard times, we found a way to celebrate Christmas with good food and great company; we opened our home to less fortunate others to celebrate with us.

Well, since then we've been more than fortunate; my wife's cancer was healed, she has survived another, both sons have survived a failed marraige each, oldest remarried and both have beautiful kids, I've survived two strokes.  This year we celebrate with family and friends and humbly thank all those that have made our lives blessed, including our Creator.

And, once again, we celebrate with another rib roast.  This one was truly the best ever!  We've never smoked one as there are too many differing preferences amongst the families so roasting in the oven has been the only option.  But, the process has been down pat.  And, is perfectly suited for smoking as well as roasting.

Very simple method.

preheat oven to 210°

place roast in foil roasting pan, ribs down, season with salt, pepper and garlic

cover with foil tightly

push oven probe therm into center of roast, put in oven.

after 1 hour increase to 220°

after 6 hours increase to 270°, internal around 105°

pull at 135°, turn oven up to 500°, unwrap and pull out therm, drain off juice for gravy, put back in oven for 15 min. to brown

remove, let rest 10 min. while finishing gravy, then carve.

It should look like this!  :

roast before browning:


After browning:


Rib section taken off:


ribs cut off


the money shot - pure rib and perfect color!


On the plate!


Uniform pink all the way through - no dark grey with only pink in the center - the benefit of cooking long and slow - ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!
Looks fabulous!

 Glad you had a great day.


You've definitely been faced with adversities in your life, and somehow found ways to overcome them. We share some of your experience with life changing events here, and are still awaiting the outcome of a few. Not knowing for sure what's next is the hardest part, I think.

Glad to hear that things have turned for the better for yourself and family, though. Taking in others in their time of need has a way of lifting the spirits to unknown heights, and a neighborly thing to do.

That's an interesting method for oven roasting, keeping with a very low and slow process. My wife used to do our rib roasts in the oven, but learned to do them just the opposite. I think it was 500* for 3.5/lb for med, or something along those lines. Anyway, before I started smoking ours last Christmas, she'd have probably never believed you could cook such a large piece of meat at such low temps and get such a great result. Incidentally, after my first one last Christmas, she said she fired herself from cooking the beef on Christmas Day ever again...literally. Herself, our kids, guests and myself all agree that there is no better way than low and slow for such a fine piece of meat.

You've sure got that final trimming down to an easy and fast approach...I like it!

May you and yours have a Merry Christmas, my friend, and all the best in the coming year!

I've got to bookmark this for future reference, thanks Pops!  It looks soooooooooooo great!  Think I'm trading our traditional ham in on a rib roast.  

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Great as usual Pops!

I think we all have had a blessing or two this year to be thankful of!!

Looks real good Pops ! 

Boy do I know what you mean about differing preferences.

That "Prime Rib" in my signature is pink all the way through from low & slow too, but I smoked mine.

My wife isn't a big fan of smoked stuff (or the fatty part), so I gave her a nice thick slice from the middle, and trimmed the outer part off, so there wasn't much (if any) smoke, or fat on her's.

If it was a bunch of people, I would have had to do what you did too.

Now that I know how good they are smoked, I hate to make them in the oven, but they are still better than at restaurants.

Glad things are going well for you & yours.

Have an even greater New Year!


Well Pops as usual you have done a fantastic job and we to have been eating a rib roast for many years. It's a tradition we hope to pass on down to our kids. Now you are one of those trusted folks around here that if you said that you were fixing a Reebox shoe I would have to see how you made it taste so good.
I know this thread is an old one, and I apologize for my late reply.  I wasn't a member back in 2010.  LOL

But I was searching Google for reverse cooking a rib-eye roast and found mostly only reverse searing steaks.

Then I ran across this like at Cook's.com with a signature of Pop Fassett, and I knew I had found the answer.


It took several trial and errors before I got this site to spit out Pops, recipe.  But low and behold, here it is!

I know it's a little late to bump for Christmas and New Year's, but worth the bump anyway. 

I'm sure others will appreciate it, as Google and YouTube, mostly give you just steak reverse sear.

I think I will follow Pop's temps from the post on cooks.com as I like my steaks/roasts rare to medium rare, rather than just medium.

What I liked from both of Pop's roasts on both sites, was the pink deckle cap.  It's ALWAYS been grey colored.  The pink is what I want!

Thanks once again Pop's!   You are a treasure!

Wife and I haven't even had a rib-eye steak, for over two years due to price now.  Let alone, a rib roast. 

We finally saved enough for a 8 lb roast with bone.  Plan on slicing some steaks for us us, and roasting a rib roast for an awesome treat.
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