Frozen steaks. Yum?

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Feb 1, 2014
Southern Idaho
I was in the local super market the other day and passed by a a cooler with some marked down frozen steaks in it. I thought what the heck and picked up three steaks, one ribeye and two new yorks for around $12, I had to fire up the Rec Tec anyway to finish processing some bacon that has been in the fridge marinating for 10 days. Turned it up to 450 and let it preheat. Threw the frozen steaks in the microwave to thaw, because I figured they were already frozen, probably couldn't hurt them too much. They were still a little froze when I took them out, so I ran warm water over them until they were thawed. Rubbed them with some Butt rub and put them on the Rec Tec. Pulled them when the IT was at 145. The doneness was perfect for me, but of coarse the taste was a little off, but still good for what I did to them. I put the other two in the fridge for left overs. Today I pulled one of the New yorks out and put it on the gas grill, on high for about five minutes a side to warm it up. That was the best steak I have had since Ruth Chris in Seattle. It was way tender, still juicy and the flavor was out of this world. Tell me what I did right, I can't think of anything. Oh and the bacon turned out just OK. I need to adjust the maple in that. I was surprised at how little it shrank when I cooked it.     

 I read these forms a lot and post a little. Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!    
Not sure man, you must just have a good touch !! Maybe somethin in the rub kinda melded with the steak ya warmed up and since ya seared them ya locked the juices in !! Just speculation, not real sure but glad it turned out tasty for ya...

Was there a question/thought that steaks can't/won't be good after they've been frozen >?

Was there a question/thought that steaks can't/won't be good after they've been frozen >?
IMHO, frozen steaks aren't as good as fresh. All goes back to personal taste, what I love, you may throw in the garbage, and vise versa. there is no general right or wrong when it comes to taste.
Frozen will probably never be as good as fresh.  I have taken to adding a rub, mainly Tatonka Dust, onto the beef, then vacuum sealed it right away and threw into the freezer.  This way when the meat thaws, the juices that leak out mix with the rub to form a brine and soak into the meat.  Pretty stinking close to fresh seasoned the same way.

If you wet an already frozen steak so a rub will stick to it, you should just be able to put it into a ziplock bag to that.  

Don't know.  I've eaten both fresh and frozen steaks for 40+ years and never noticed much of a difference unless a steak actually got freezer burnt.    I freeze individual steaks (all cuts), as well as whole loins (Ribeye, Strip and Tenderloin).    Most of the time, I don't even vac-pack them.  Rather, just make sure that they are plastic wrapped very well and then put in freezer bags or wrapped in even more plastic.
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