From hog leg to Christmas Ham- Thanks Pops!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by pigglywiggly, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Seeing Pop's thread From hog leg to Easter Ham gave me the inspiration and courage to try it myself.

    I bought a 21lbs fresh ham, brought it home and trimmed the fat cap and skin off a bit. Then I made up 2 gallons of brine and injected per Pop's instructions. For the brine I used Pops recipe with the exception I only used 3/4 cup salt and I used 1 1/4 cup of honey instead of white sugar.

    I put it in the brine on Nov 14th, and pulled it on Dec 15 AM and let it sit in fridge until this morning before starting it in the smoker around 1am.

    Put it in the smoker early this am and pulled at 145f.

    It tastes amazing! I had to exercise extreme self control to not eat the entire ham right on the spot. Best ham I have ever tasted, hands down. Heck almost the best thing I have ever tasted at all! I used a combo of about 75% apple 25% hickory wood in my mes 30.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Pops!!!!!!!

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    That looks amazing.
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    That looks Amazing!!!!
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    Its hard to beat a homemade from scratch smoked ham.
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    Oh goodness! That looks great!!!!!:drool
  7. Anyone have any tips/suggestions for a good glaze? Was thinking maybe something like honey, butter, brown sugar and a few cloves.
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      Looks grerat!   What temp did you smoke at and how long did it take?

  9. atcnick

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    Maybe it's my monitor, but is the meat suppose to look purple?
  10. I smoked at 240 and it took about 8 hours.

    Must be your monitor, it's a pink color.
  11. Looks good!
    Indoor lighting can give it kind of a purplish cast when photographed.

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    Fantastic Job!  It's work to do it, but it's not that hard and once in the brine, you don't have to mess with it until you take it out!  Sure isn't rocket science and it will taste great!  So glad you were successful!    Did you take the Qview without a flash?  Once again superb job!
  13. Wow that looks extremely good - nicely done! [​IMG]   This is on my list of things to do as soon as I get a brine injector.
  14. Yes, I took the pictures without the flash. With the flash the meat looked whitish instead of pink. I'll admit that it was fairly wash to make. The hardest part I guess was injecting it(which wasn't all that hard). I will definitely be making a ham every Xmas and Easter until the end of time!
  15. stupid spellcheck *easy to make
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    Looks great! Orange juice,apple, or pineapple. Can make a good glaze . Just cook it down to concentrate it or just buy frozen concentrate. Hope this helps
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  17. Hmm, wonder how glazing it with apple cider would be.
  18. OH my GOODNESS does that look and sound GOOD!
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    Looks great

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