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  1. OK I need some expert advice. I love the flavor of the Franks red hot but I hate the texture. Any ideas on thickening up the sauce without affecting the flavor??
  2. woodcutter

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    Possibly heating it up in a sauce pan and stirring it for a while until some of the water evaporates should thicken it and intensify the flavor.
  3. sound1

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    I thicken up mine by heating the sauce, make a slurry with about 1tbp corn starch and 1/4 cup white wine. Stir it in at a low simmer to thicken..adds a nice flavor. You can use water if you don't care for the wine taste.  Just cooking it down to thicken concentrates the vinegar flavor too much for me. 
  4. mneeley490

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    When I make a hot wing sauce, I add melted butter to Franks, and stir. That thickens it also.
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    The ONLY way to tighten up Frank's Red Hot!!!!

    MNEELY nailed it.  The butter smooths out the texture and gives it a little thickness.  My only other advice would be to use unsalted butter.

    Great for injection and saucing!

    Good luck,

  6. comosmoker

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    I agree!!!  Butter.  Real butter.
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    You said you did not want to change the taste...Cooking to reduce or adding butter will definitely change the taste but this stuff is available in most grocery stores. It's a little tricky to work with as you need to warm the sauce and dust it in as you whisk but it will thicken without changing the flavor...JJ

  8. re: xanthan gum

    A little goes a l-o-n-g way, slowly add it in very, very small amounts until you reach the thickness you want!
    Usage rate, no more than .2% to .5% by weight.

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    Make the classic sauce. 

    1 part Frank's to 10 - 20 parts Durkee's mustard or Nance's if you are familiar.  Make to taste.  Add butter or bacon/chicken/duck fat if you need the wonderful fat and taste. The mustards will act as a thickener without heating or cooking.  Toss whatever (buffalo wings?) into a saute pan and top with sauce.  Toss to coat & thicken with the heat.  Plenty of napkins or company linen (paper towels).
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  10. i also use butter...once in awhile I will also add ranch season package. . I know this is not keeping the flavor but for wings its pretty nice version of the Arizona ranch sauce at Quaker Steak and lube
  11. mike johnson

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    when I worked in a pizza place over 20 years ago they mixed equal parts liquid margarine and franks hot sauce for their wings.
  12. lu1847

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    A little flour added will thicken it up a little and not change the flavor profile
  13. dwaytkus

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    You could just buy this!
  14. I've never seen the thick before
  15. Lol...because the thick juck came out even says "NEW" on the neck on the bottle...but regardless thanks dwaytkus for looking out and franks for clearly knowing what there consumers want
  16. dwaytkus

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    No problem. Just a pic I pulled off google but it has been out a long time. I've been buying it for over a year
  17. I've been buying the franks buffalo wing sauce it has a thicker consistency and real nice flavor but will have to find and try the thick
  18. dwaytkus

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    The buffalo is my go too Franks.
  19. chef willie

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    Franks....soooooooo much better than Tabasco
  20. hambone1950

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