Fox or coyote or deer carcass?

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Dec 7, 2017
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Kids found this in our yard and my wife sent me a pic of it. We have seen a fox and a few deer, and has been a few coyote spotting around but we haven’t seen one. Anyone able to tell what it is? It’s pretty gross haha. Whatever ate it up didn’t leave any meat 😂


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I'm looking at the skull size versus the rib cage. I would guess a dog versus a coyote.

Lots of cleanup critters out there. Birds will pick a carcass pretty clean. Blow fly maggots will consume a lot
Definitely a mid sized canine, coyote size and was in its prime. Teeth are nice. Definitely didn’t die of old age. Could have been the victim of a Benjamin high caliber air rifle. Just saying.
I agree with CR that coyotes ate the neighbors dog or a bear ate a coyote. In my neck of the woods a coyote doesn't eat another coyote.
In my neck of the woods a coyote doesn't eat another coyote.
I think you might be surprised at what you don't see.

Yotes will prey on the young, weak and old, especially of other packs and their own in times of scarce game/ starvation.
Carcasses of coyotes often get consumed.
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