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Jun 28, 2005
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I usually leave the ads on for myself, I just figure I need to experience the forum the way most others do and I'm no more special than anyone else. (Well I may be "special" but that's a story for another day🤣)

Having said that, when the ads are off, I realize how absolutely awesome it is to surf from thread to thread and read without distractions. It's SWEEEEET!

For that reason, I have decided to have a flash sale on ALL premier memberships. I am making every membership half price. I'm not sure if I will do this for just a few days or a little longer but get them today while they are hot and you'll see how nice it is.

Here's the link

Note: The ads support the forum so we all understand that it's a necessary thing but I'm happy to turn them off for you when you support the forum with a membership purchase. It's VERY inexpensive and you deserve it!
Thanks Jeff,
Don't know why I took so long. So much information on this site. Love it with out the adds.
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Joined and acquired life membership to keep the electrons flowing. Good info here.
This flash sale on premier memberships at SMF ended up lasting a LOT longer than I planned. I saw a lot of you taking advantage of it and just decided to leave it alone until it slowed down.

Then, I forgot about it🙃

The time has come to bring this 50% off sale to an end.

This is last call, so if you want to browse the forum without ads, plus get some other great perks as well, here's the link to do that:


I appreciate all of you supporting SMF so well!
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