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366240002_10226435973700597_3054106291141963375_n.jpg's what I do. As a few on here may know, I'm a US Coast Guard licensed captain which just means that I went to Sea School, and passed, so that I can legally charge people to take them fishing :emoji_grin:. From April until about now is my busy time and this year has seemed busier than past years and I'm ready for a little slowdown.

That is until after this Thursday, 8/10. That's the day that I get to participate in an event where we take a bunch of Wounded Warriors fishing, 90 total. We fish, come back and people clean their fish for them, and a lunch is prepared for everyone while we're out fishing. They get to take home a cooler of cleaned fish, we have some sponsors that donate gifts so they all get a gift, and this is all done at no charge to them. The boat captains supply the boat, all fishing equipment, gas, ice, snacks, etc. This will be my 10th or maybe 11th year of doing this and I wouldn't miss it for anything, it means too much to me to be able to give a little back to those who have given so much for us all.

Thank you to our military, those not with us, retired, and active duty, as well as their families, for all of your sacrifices...
Good on ya! Our boat club rented a drift boat in Ft Lauerdale and invited th WW from the area.
Unfortunately we only had three show up. Was still a great day of fishing.
With everything going on I've done almost no fishing this year. Seems weird not to have smoked one bluefish filet yet. Life just gets in the way sometimes. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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