First UDS Finished

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 3, 2011
Menasha WI
Well Dad and I finished are first UDS build last week. Gave it a run this weekend. Seemed to hold temps good. Just need to get used to controlling a charcole fire and I have not done that much in the past. We make some Wicked baked beans to give them a shot before we have a biig family cookout in 2 weeks. I have to say those are the best beans i have ever had and im not sure I can eat them any other way from now on.

Sorry there are not a lot of pics. Forgot the camera at home but in a few weeks ill update with a bunch of detailed pics. As for some stuff you cant see. We add some weeks to the back so it rolls around and we put a rod on the ball valve so it comes up a bunch. There is also a small basket and hooks on the back side for temp probes and other stuff.

We had a little fun with it and put an AF with my name and some flames. If you look at the right flame my dad stamped in Ugly Drum Smoker  Model # 0001. Leaving space for all the others he says :) We add a lot of extras that arr not needed but it was fun hanging out with "the old man" and he has so many ideas :)

Also the trailer in the back is going to be going on are land up north. Wahooo.



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