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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by cheapchalee, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. cheapchalee

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    Well the wife went to Bangkok to take her daughter home this morning. So after reading about Fatties for the last week or so I figured heck I can do that. Sat around till the store open at 9:00, then off I go to buy supplies.

    Lesson one: 1 pound not 1 kilo, Damn Charlie follow the directions [​IMG]
    Lesson two: cut the lunch meat into strips, makes it easier to roll.
    Lesson three: try to make sure the meat is a little cool, makes it easier to form.

    This thing wound up more of a fold up like a taco (1 kilo). Well I went ahead and did the weave (bacon strips too short to go around). so it was once I rolled it over to do the bottom I couldn't do the weave so I just wrapped it up. This was really an adventure.

    More pic's later

    The making's

    The paddy

    Try and roll this mutha,

    Ready for the smoker

    In the smoker,

    The Smoker,

    More pics to come later, the guys down at the Harley shop are my guinna pigs for this experiment. He has bought a leg of lamb that he wants me to do. English, Norigean, German, these guys like my hams.

    Like I told them before "You can lick my chops, but you can't beat my meat"

    Let you know how it turns out.

  2. krusher

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    maybe on your next one you could get your meat a little thinner, I try to get a pound to fill about 3/4 of a 9x13 cookie sheet, yours looks a little on the thick side, especially for a kilo. Hope it turns out great.
  3. richoso1

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    Don't fret mu friend, it only gets better. I've made a grand FATTY with a kilo of JD, just more to enjoy.
  4. cheapchalee

    cheapchalee Smoking Fanatic

    Well a couple more lessons learned with Fatty's at least mine.
    #4 Make sure the bacon is all the way around, keeps the meat from sagging into the grates.
    #5 apply the rub prior to wrapping with bacon. (the meat isn't seasoned, it's fresh), or season the meat prior to use.

    Down at the Harley Shop it was gone in about 5 minutes between 3 people. They ordered 2 more. Well it's off to shop for some supplies doing a leg of lamb tomorrow.
  5. richtee

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    Ahhh..heh- yeah, most folks use a breakfast type sausage mix. If ya get fresh it's fun tho..because you get to season as you like.

    Also, you can put a hunk of foil down, or leave it in a pan 'till the outside firms up.
  6. Well the tastes the most important - and it looked like a decent selection of fillings :)
    Got to ask - what do you keep in the cages behind the smoker - look like either bird cages or some type of small critters. Just spotted the hanging coconut husks - really intrigued now :)

    Also interested to know how you get on with the lamb as I've got a couple of legs in the freezer to play with at some point :)
    Fattys are addictive. Even better if you've got customers lol, A genuine excuse to make more.

    And the bit about making your own ham sounds good to - be sure and post how you do that (unless it's a secret recipe of course ;-)

    Pic attached of the sheets I cook fattys on. Maybe you could find something similiar. The fattys stay flat (no sagging) but juices and smoke can both penetrate and it's real easy to remove them with a flat spatula.
    IT was originally part of a filter setup on a brewing line. But you could probably just get a flat sheet of metal and drill your own holes.
  7. solar

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    Looks really good to me, like was mentioned before, you might want the meat a little thinner, but that's up to you. Fatties are a project that just get better with experiance.
  8. master_dman

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    I was gonna ask the same thing about what the heck is in the cage [​IMG]
  9. master_dman

    master_dman Meat Mopper

    I cut the wrong part of the reply out.! How stupid am I?

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