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first time with my smoker what a disaster


Joined Aug 16, 2010
well i got my smoker put together and waited for the weekend i had about a dozen people coming over for ribs. i was going to fire her up at nine and have the meat on by ten to feed at four. well the best laid plans as it goes. i found out there was an auction that morning at a local agriculture school and wanted to go. it started at ten but i figured i could go take a peak and still be back to have the meat on by eleven. wrong. i ended up bidding on and getting a nice old craftsman garden tractor with a snow plow, snow blower, set of bog harrows and a plow for cheap money (score) problem was i didnt even get back to the house till two. so i tried to rush things in my new untried smoker. found out there was a real hot spot on one side. the meat there after two hours was burnt on one side and the other racks were going ok. any way we ended up feeding around eight that night. every one said the ribs were great but i know better. they were too dry, too burnt and the rub was too strong for what i wanted. i have a much better handle on how she works now so next time wont be what to me was a disaster. live and learn i guess. every one said they loved the ribs but i think they were just being kind.

thanks for listening to my sad sad story


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Been there done that so don't feel alone.

 Then I remembered it's slow and low !!!

 next time will be better since you know your

smoker better now. now jump back on !!!


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It has happened to all of us at least once - nice score on the tractor though


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Reminds me of  a saying, "I was late for work so I had to leave early to make up for it.."  lol!  You will more than redeem yourself the next time and will have figured out the hotspots and will have a fantastic Q experience and be able to wow all your guests with some absolutely awesome food!


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Now there are some things that you can't hurry and smoking meat is one of them. So if you try to rush it you end up ruining it. So if you want good smoked meat then give it the time it requires.

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Welcome to the world of having a dissapointed crowd stare at you while they starve..

Here's just a few tips..

It's a new smoker, therefore you are a new smoker with it, don't entertain guests with mistakes...

Get some more ribs and try again of course.

You had a plan but didn't stick to it. Next time, stick to it.

Write down your plan starting at the time you want to serve and move backwards from there. Allow buffer space so you have extra time.

Again, allow some exra time for yourself. You can always foil and rest meat but you cannot rush bbq and it rarely takes the same amount of time.. Usually longer if you want it done faster..

Good luck on your next go-around..


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thanx for all the support and tips. i am having another go at it on labor day weekend. not going to let any thing distract me this time. wish me luck


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Yip. gotto go low and slow and not let anything rush you. It is done when its done. It took me a long time to make my wife understand this. She doesn't even ask me what time are we going to eat anymore. We eat when its done.


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Welcome to the world of having a dissapointed crowd stare at you while they starve..
  been there, had that happen!

Hang in there, Zark - I'm sure it was good enough that they will be back even if it didn't measure up to your standards.  I use the same work backwards time line that Pit described + at least an hour.

Nothing better than hitting your mark and being able to chill with a cold one in your hand and cooler full of meat.  Reduces the stress big time.

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