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First Time Burnt Ends

Discussion in 'Beef' started by abetheham, May 13, 2019.

  1. Mother’s Day and my wife’s birthday always fall on the same week/weekend. Lucky for me, her favorite meal is smoked brisket so that’s what she gets every year. I have always smoked the brisket whole in the past, but I’ve always wanted to try burnt ends so I figured I’d give it a shot this time. I separated the Point & Flat Friday night, trimmed them both up, and rubbed them down. After wrapping them up, they were put in the fridge until 2 am Saturday night. The first 4 hours, I smoked them at 225 and then kicked it up to 250. When they got to 160 IT, I put the Point in a foil pan with beef broth and covered. I also wrapped the Flat in butcher paper. The Point was done a few hours before the Flat so I double wrapped that in foil and a towel and placed it in the oven. About an hour before eating time, I cut the Point into cubes, put them back into a foil pan with the juices from before (using a separator to keep the fat out) and lightly covered with BBQ sauce. The Flat was stubborn and wasn’t done until 4pm. IT was 204 before it was done and a probe went through it like butter. Gave that an hour rest before slicing. Burnt ends truly are meat candy. Wow, I will be making them again.
    This was also my first time making smoked Mac N Cheese. The wife said that’s a new side that will be on the menu every year.
    F626CBD7-4242-490E-A526-1C3A0B9E8D96.jpeg BA4BB1F8-C6E8-4688-AC39-184ED91403B5.jpeg 95E8D1C8-4C46-4399-BF78-3A745217CB51.jpeg E1375B1D-2154-4F3E-A01A-38075C18C4A8.jpeg AF50BC13-FE1C-4243-92C7-9699A93CEEA4.jpeg EE3927B9-19E0-4D0B-A877-64A505F43A90.jpeg 1AA3107D-29D8-45D9-8BDF-4A624CC00063.jpeg AFD48D90-3ADB-4FA3-8700-A4CD17F9C5A5.jpeg
  2. Looks really good! Smoked a lot of meat and Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans but never the Smoked Mac n Cheese. I guess that's one of the next things I'll have to try.
  3. Those beans are my normal goto for a side too, but wanted to change it up. Since we had family over, figured the Mac N Cheese would go over better with all the kids. The recipe I used is from a YouTube video by HowToBBQRight.
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    Very nice. Looks so tasty.