First successful snack stick

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by lips, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. lips

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    First successful snake stick Well I finally did it after reading many post here and getting the right stuffing tube. I used a prepackaged pepperoni and added some homemade jalapeño powder and used insta cure instead of the cure from the package.

    Resting then into Acorn with the AMNZPS

    Smoked about an hour and half then into oven at 180 unitl IT of 165 then into Dehydrator

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  2. goliath

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    coiling like that is an AWESOME idea....... gonna chop it up anyways so easy smeasy and less work!!!!
    thanks for the Q VIEW

  3. lips

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    Here is the money shot.  I think next time I will cut into sections first then dehydrate.  Any advise for storage last batch I put in ziplock and into the fridge, put it made the casings mushy.
  4. goliath

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    vacuum pac is the best way to fly if you have the ability
  5. lips

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  6. newsmokeguy

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    I saw snake stick & was like wtf wtf lol
  7. driedstick

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    That looks great very good job. 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker
  8. chef willie

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    Good looking helper there and an interesting circular setup. I too was looking for the snakes....Willie
  9. lips

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    That was a funny error, but I fixed it.  Guess I should be using my new glass I got.

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