First smoker build 130lb Propane tank

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by rstroup10, May 9, 2016.

  1. rstroup10

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    I have been meandering around looking at all the different type smoker builds and this past weekend I started on my first smoker build. I'm using an old 130lb propane tank (I made sure it was purged before I started cutting) for the cook chamber and an old air compressor tank for the firebox. This is what I have got done so far. I used the Feldon calculator to size my fire box and smoke stack. I am not a welder, so just look past my ugly welds, nor do I have any experience fabricating. But I watched my dad for years welding on tractors and other machinery so I have a good grasp of how to weld. I hope you enjoy this journey that I am taking. Cutout my doors but left the corners attached so that I could add hinges.

    I got the firebox welded to the cook chamber and now I just need to finish my stack.
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  2. smokinal

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    Looks like it's going to be an awesome build!

  3. rstroup10

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    I got to work on my smoker again today I beefed up my welds on the hinges and added my smoke stack. I forgot to take a picture of how I cut the smoke stack to allow air flow but I think it is self explanatory.
    I did my stack like this because I wanted it to collect the smoke before going up the stack. Also by putting it at grate level I figure the smoke will pass over the meat more.
    I cut a section out of the pipe to allow air flow.
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  4. rstroup10

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    I got the firebox door cut out and I got the seals put on the cook chamber and firebox door. I also was able to fabricate my stack damper.
  5. Looks Great !! Moving right along.

  6. rstroup10

    rstroup10 Fire Starter

    Thank you!
  7. daveomak

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    Smoker and design look really good......   Have you seen the air flow for the fire box design....  lower air inlet stokes the fire....  Upper air inlet moves heat and smoke from the firebox through the cook chamber.....

  8. rstroup10

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    I was able to get racks in the smoker and the legs on today. They are a little tall but I still have to cut them down. I plan to put wheels on the back and a lift handle on the front. I will have to fix some of my welds and burn out the tanks and it will be ready to cook on.
  9. rstroup10

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    Thank you Dave. I was planning on using the door as my air flow control. I did think about drilling some holes in the bottom of the flat plate to help with stoking the fire. I was hoping to do a dry run to see what adjustments need to me made.

    This smoker is what I am calling my prototype. I have learned a lot from this build. I have three 325 gallon propane tanks that I plan to make into a double trailer smoker much like the Lang 84" minus the reverse flow and the warmer box.
  10. rstroup10

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    I got wheel on the smoker and burned it out twice. I seasoned it last night and man does it smell good. I want to paint the smoker but I wasn't sure if I would have to season it again (obviously I'm only painting the outside but didn't know about over spray getting into the smoke chamber)?

  11. Looking Good   

  12. rstroup10

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    Well it has been awhile I have been busy with other projects. I did my first cook on the smoker and it turned out great. I decided to paint the smoker a unique color can't wait to see what it looks like after a few cooks. I also finished the handle on my great grandpas meat cleaver. You can see my next project in the background.
    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    My dog (Camo) knows where the prize is.

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