First smoke

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Original poster
Aug 28, 2007
God's country
I placed my pork loin in the MES at 3:10 and at 5:55 the alarm went off at 150 degrees. I removed it and covered it for about 15 minutes. I will have to say that everyones input made this the best pork loin I have had so far. I don't know what I would do to improve it. So, I need to think of what I will smoke next. Any ideas? Thanks for the help and input. I think I'm hooked!
The only improvement i can think of would be PIC'S.......
Anything you can make in an oven you can make in a just usually tastes better from the smoker.

I love doing pizza in mine.

As mentioned "let your imagination roam"
I say try 3-2-1- spare ribs did my first ones a short time ago and they came out great almost foolproof.Welcome aboard there are a lot of good people with good advise all you have to do is ask.
Good luck and Good smoking
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