First Smoke Ever (Baby Back Ribs)

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Original poster
Jan 9, 2017
Louisville, Kentucky
So I finally decided to smoke a few slabs of ribs on my day off with the new smoker I received for Christmas(Charbroil 505 Electric). I almost didn't do it at all due to lingering reports for rain but I took a chance and smoked anyway. I had three racks of baby back ribs to work with. I prepared them the night before with a mustard binder to hold the rub in place. I used a regular BBQ rub for two of the racks and one rack received a spicy Jolokia rub I had sitting around. I let them sit in the fridge overnight. I cooked them at 225-250 for around 6 hours using apple wood smoke. I foiled them with apple juice for an hour and forty five minuets and then finished them with a sweet sauce I had gotten from the same place as the rub for an hour. I left the spicy rack alone with no sauce. While I had some trouble getting a consistent heat due to me being unfamiliar with the equipment I still got very tender and flavorful ribs. I was very lucky that day because it started to rain just as I was taking the last slab off of the smoker. If anyone has any ideas on how to maintain a consistent temp throughout a smoke I am all ears. Here are a few Pictures. Thanks for reading and I am always open to constructive criticism. 

I'm not familiar with your smoker, but isn't there a water pan or chip pan or something between the food & the element?

Anyhow the ribs look great!

Did you use the water pan ? the water pan will help keep the temp more consistent , plus I like to put other liquid or even some onions for flavor . I have seen some say they don't use the pan but I also smoke year around and I notice during the winter months here in Oklahoma the water pan helps the temp . but I also use clean dry sand in another pan during the summer just to help keep the heat .

there are some mods you can do to help with the heat . look at the search and type in electric smoker mods

good looking ribs !
Thanks for the kind words. I did use a water pan and I think the issue was with me starting it too hot and then lowering the temperature. The temperature kept rising even after I turned it down. Could be I am not used to cooking with an insulated box such as this. I'll just have to start at a lower Temperature and be patient so I can watch the thermometer more accurately. Thanks for the tips! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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