First shot at beer can chickens.

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da toad

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Aug 16, 2015
First try on the new Rec Tec grill with beer can chickens.

Tried one with beer and one with wine. The one with wine I also seasoned with a little olive oil and poultry rub. The one with beer just got a little olive oil. 

Skin was nice and crispy like oven baked.

I would have to say the chicken, both were delicious, moist and tender but little difference between the two except for the taste of the skin. I will definitely do whole chickens again sans the the liquids. Neither I or my Susan could really discern a big difference between the two and there was not a whole lot of liquid that evaporated at the end of the smoke. Neither of us could really pick up a lot of smoke taste. I'm thinking beer can chicken may be a bit overblown.

Took close to 4.5 hours to get to a finish inside temp of 165-170. I had the smoker set on 250* for the first three hours. I was getting hungry so with the internal temp of the birds at 140 I cranked the smoker up to 400* to finish them off muy pronto.

Anyway for my first shot at poultry on the grill I am happy but not overwhelmed.  The chicken tasted excellent but I'm kind of thinking that this beer can chicken thing is a come on.  Next time I do whole chickens I will do them upright but sans any liquid. 

My beer can chicken holders.


The store bought grub.


On the upright stands sans olive oil and seasonings.


Oiled and seasoned.


Into the grill.


The Chef in his Big Bird outfit.


The duo done.


Olive olive oil and poultry seasoning rub.


Just olive oil.

Those came out looking really good!  Hard to notice any flavor difference in the beer can chickens, however, it makes for a great presentation when smoking and when removing from the smoker to the table.  The best way I've found to impart flavor in the birds is to brine them or cure them.

I love the apron!

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