First (four) butts...

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Dec 22, 2005
So it all started when i told a few of my buddies to come over today, and well smoke some pulled pork. then i tell my boss (coolest guy i know personally thats over 40) that im making a butt, he tells me he will give me 50 bucks for one, (he lives alone) i agree, cause i think i can handle 2 butts. the next thing i know, this customer/friend comes in, freaking out about how she has to plan a last minute funeral reception party. she needs food. of course my boss says, "ohh have mark make you some pulled pork!" and shes like "yea!" good idea.
so i just put on 4 butts, and ive never even cooked any! this is only the second thing ive smoked! i made real good ribs last time. ive got the bar-b-chef offset smoker and im afraid of the meat on the closest side to the firebox hole is going to be overcooked... and do i foil them? im going crazy!
and im kinda having a problem keeping the temps up. when last time i made ribs, i had a problem with the temp being too high. does more meat absorb more heat?
any suggestions?
let me know...

thanks guys...
cant wait to put on all the ATB's...and 2 ADT's :twisted: / :cry:
Here is my opinion. Foil them at 170 degrees internal, rotate your meat so that one butt is not always near the firebox. Take them off of the smoker at 195 degrees and let them rest (wrapped in blankets in a cooler) for between 1/2 and 1 hour. Take them out of the cooler after resting and pull them.

i got everything i need for that finishing sauce... except my tonys seasoning hasnt come yet, i ordered that on monday... if it doesnt come today, how should i go about added some spices?
First, Remain calm.... Its hard to goof up butts. If you are having trouble with the B-b chef's temps getting to high you are using to much fuel. Although a good smoker you will have to fiddle with the fire every 45min to hour. move the butts as close to the stack as possible. Don't keep opening the lid. Use lump charcoal or white oak from a burn barrel. Smoke until you hit the 190-195 mark. The meat will plateau for a while just maintain the heat and BE PATEINT! Good luck were are all here for you. Espacilly me and Jabo cuz we have the same rig as you. I give you much respect for tackeling a major smoke. We need some pics. Good luck.
P.S. You could put SFQ's finishing sauce on a old leather boot and make a meal out of it. So dont worry people will love the pork.
To answer your question - yes more meat will absorb more heat. I once did 5 butts totalling 38 pounds, and had to run the gas a litle higher to maintain 225F in my little GOSM.

As the others said, it's hard to screw up butts. Just be patient.

I use a generic cajun seasoning in my finishing sauce. None of the folks who have eaten my pork have ever complained.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


NTYTS-Big breath in, exhale; big breath in, exhale.
Just follow the advice that these fellas gave you and don't sweat the small stuff. It's easier to screw up ribs than it is to screw up a butt; and you know how good your ribs turned out right?

Just relax and keep things simple and your smoke will turn out great!
Worst case scenario is get them butts up to about 160 - 165. Foil them and finish them in a 225* - 250* oven. After they get above 140 they really won't take on much more smoke flavor anyway. It takes some of the fun and experience out of a long smoke, but if you keep having trouble with the temp of your smoker, it will get you through. i like to get mine up to 200 then unfoil and let sit on the counter for 45 minutes or so then pull. They usually just about fall apart. Good luck.

Oh, and the finishing sauce is great, but be careful no to over do it. It doesn't take much. just put on a little, mix and taste until you get the taste your looking for. I could drink this stuff, but my wife hates it. But then again she hates any sauce with vinegar in it.
thanks for all the help guys...
its still smoking away and hasnt hit the 195* mark...
ill be patient though. although i expected them to be done, good thing everyone is content thanks to some ABT's and dutchs wicked baked beans. (so good)
I agree, you can't mess up a butt. But you do have to be very patient. The meat quality has more to with how long it takes than anything. Butts from my home raised hogs take longer than a store bought butt. I think it's the density of the meat. It took 9 hours to do my last butt and it was only 3.5 lbs.
And I also agree on finishing in an oven. I've done it both ways and no one would be of the wiser. If you have the Taylor wireless therms, you can set the remote right on the nightstand and get some sleep.
I think it's awesome that your boss has the confidence in you to offer 50 bucks for pulled pork from an employee that has never smoked anything for him. That tells me that you do a good job for him away from the smoker. Because of the Union environment I'm in, I have to keep my distance from my boss outside of work. Sucks too, cause he's a pretty cool guy and we get along great. Being shop steward, if I get busted socializing outside work, my guys would hang me by my toenails and pummel me into subconsciouness with a dead carp.
Keep up the good work.
BTW nottooyoung, have you noticed that these guys have inducted you into the Order of the Thin Blue Smoke? I just noticed that you never replied to the nominations and you don't have your OTBS # in you tag-line. Just curious. Have great day.
I agree with the others on here about not being afraid to use your oven to get this right. I've used the oven on several occasions to keep m efrom going crazy, particularly when it's rainy and windy, or snowing.

You're a brave guy to take on such a big task, but I'm sure this worked out fine. Please keep us posted!

they all came out great!
they were in there for about 15 hours. the temp read 195 and i went to grab the bone and it came out soo easily and they came out real good. my boss gave me 70 bucks cause he liked it so much and the other lady gave me 100 bucks and wants me to try to smoke her some turkeys now! there was plenty of meat for everyone. that finishing sauce was good! it really toned down the gaminess. one problem was i had to go to a local house show, to see my buddy's band play. i pulled out the butts, they were all resting andi told everyone to not touch for an hour! of course i come home about an hour later and its all shread up and pulled. they were comin back for seconds. its funny cause the meat tasted better the next day...

thanks for the help everyone. couldnt have done it without you guys! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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