First fattie results

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Original poster
Jan 7, 2014
Well here it is guys a couple pictures of my first attempt of a "chicken cordon bleu" fattie. I smoked it for around 3 hours at 225 with hickory. Got one question for you, I'm pretty sure it's cooked all the way through so is that pink just smoke ring? If so isn't smoke ring supposed to be just a thin line?

It looks great to me! Did you check the IT with a trusted thermometer!  As for smoke ring, you did not say what kind of smoker you are using.

yes i used a thermometer i cooked to about 175 internal temp and i use a masterbuilt 30 inch electric
I have cooked many fatties. My experience is that the inside is done before the bacon on the outside is. To be sure as long as the IT is 160-165 you r good to go.
oh ok so i should have been plenty safe then even with it being chicken is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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