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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mag409, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Well, I got my smoker finished up last weekend and went to town on it today.  Prepped everything yesterday and got  up at 4:30Am to get the fire going.  For the record this is my first go at doing any smoking.  As mentioned in roll call I mainly cooked over wood with direct heat.  I was happy with the results for my first go.  Everyone liked the food and there was only enough butt left for a few sammies tomorrow.  Here is a list of what was cooked today.  I spaced everything out on loading it into the smoker and was able to get everything to finish within 1.5 hours of each other.

    5Lb Boston Butt-Stalled at 153 for nearly two hours, but finished up strong.

    2 racks of spares-3-2-1

    1 rack of Baby backs-3-2-1

    2 packs of country spares-these cooked very fast and were the first thing done, they didn't last long

    24 ABT's stuffed with italian sausage, cream chesse, and grated pepperjack- next off the smoker

    1 Pizza fattie stuffed with pepperoni, ham, sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil-third to come off and barely lasted long enough to get pics

    Threw in two beer can chickens for good measure.-Finished about 1/2 hr before the ribs

    BB rubbed down and ready to go on at 6:00Am, this finished up at about 2:45PM


    Had to use the garage as a backdrop to capture the TBS nirvanna we all seek.


    Action shot after everything had been loaded up.  Ribs and butt were foiled at this point.


    Fattie fresh off the smoker with IT at 165, funny side note, after the meal we rated the food and my dad says, "whatever that sausage chubby thing was, it was pretty tasty".  We got a good laugh from that one.  I think we need to add a sausage chubby section.


    BB pulled and sliced at 170.  Let it rest for about 45 minutes.  Good smoke, good bark, lots of flavor and very moist.  Best piece of meat today.  Very pleased.


    Wanted to get a pic of all of the ribs, but as you can see that didn't happen.  These turned out good, not great, but tasty none the less.  Had a little temp episode mid cook and got a little carried away with the white smoke.  Wasn't overbearing, but clearly these got hit with some heavy smoke.

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    Nice Break In!

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    Looks awesome, nice break in. [​IMG][​IMG]
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    Everything looks great!

    Nice job!
  5. Nice bacon weave.  You got to teach me how to do that!
  6. bobcats110

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    Is the BB what you wrapped in bacon?  Just confirming you rubbed it, then wrapped in the bacon goodness.  Nice work!
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    [​IMG]  looks really good!!!!
  8. Looks great. You broke it in right. Nice ring on your butt. HeHeHe. Lots of cheese melting everywhere. Yum.
  9. Nice going. Everything looks mighty tasty. I can see why

    all of it didn't last long.


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