First Competition of 2014 (Manatee County Fair) Results Are In

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Sep 10, 2011
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OK.. So we have our first Comp for 2014 on Jan 18th... it's at our local fair and it's for charity of choice... We do it for the local Boys and Girls club...
This year the meat category is... Boston Butt ... They (Fair Association) supply's the meat and the charcoal.... They also use to provide every team with a brand new Weber Kettle (22.5").. and you got to keep the grill... The sponsor that supplied the grill backed out last year so now no more grills.... You have to provide your own... It's usually the same teams so everybody just brought the Weber that was giving to them the year before...

Last year the meat was Beef Ribs... We ended up 3rd... so we are looking to improve on that this year....

Here's the info on it

If anybody's in the area stop in and say hello.. might have a little treat for ya...
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Sounds like fun time. AND a free Weber to boot?  Awesome! 

good luck

Last edited: pretty sure we'll be the only ones with a Mini WSM (on the table)... Thinking all others will have a weber kettle (from previous years).. it's usually the same teams every year....
Shouldn't be a problem locating you then. 
Yes.  I'll be meeting my Team in front of the Kendrick Building. Once we unload, we'll need to move our vehicles to 13th Ave.
OK... so we did this Comp and had a blast.... some really good food (appetizers) was passed around all day ( I gained 5 lbs)... Although we didn't place in the top 3 we sure did have fun.... seen some old friends.. made some new ones.... even met an SMF member... "Mike65" (SMF was well represented).. matter of fact.. he and his partner Chris (a friend of mine) were set up right next to us... small world huh... "Hey Mike" ....

Here's a few pictures ....

our little set up back in the corner

Boston Butt in the Mini WSM

being wrapped at 160`

and the finished product

and the turn in box (no garnish allowed)

We even made it on the front page of the local paper...

Keith and Bill cook chicken wings during the barbeque contest. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald

Bill and I showing off the wings (we ate a few and passed the rest out)

Thanks for looking....
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Looks like a great time fellas! For a second i said to myself "man that's a huge butt!"...then realized it was in the mini and not the kettle LOL!

Those wings look great as well! Did they judge it FBA style? 8 individual pieces, or was it more relaxed?
Doug... it was the same way when you participated... just relaxed and only chose top 3.... didn't give score cards out... I suggested he do so tho, so we can see what areas we need to improve on... but he (coordinator) said he doesn't like doing that cuz he doesn't want anybody's feelings hurt (low scores).... so I reiterated, that's exactly what we need so we know what to improve on... I love constructed criticism... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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