First competition. Baby backs compared to Spares?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Dec 6, 2010
Doing a charity type family event.  The comp is mostly centered around getting people fed but they opted to make a friendly competition out of it. 

Menu is butts and baby backs.  Butts are no biggy.  I am used to doing spares.  Pretty much all I do and I rarely trim to St Louis style because Presentation is not a big deal.  I just trim the flap after smoking and cut ribs to include the joint and you eat around that. 

I am not sure I have ever done BBs but will check the journal.  Can anyone offer some veteran advice so I don't screw this up too bad?  I have never tried to inject ribs.  I typically do minor rib trimming, pull the membrane, rub, stand them over night, start them cold so they absorb more smoke. 

My cook times vary based on size and such but normally A 3-2-2 or so.  My concern is when I foil, I am in guess land.  I have over cooked before and that is a hard save.  I have also under cooked in foil which I lose a lot of heat and time just checking.  These can really only be checked by hand. 
I take them to 180° between the bones in the thickest part. No foil. Perfect bite for me at that point. Pulls away from the bone but not quite falling off. Higher would get you more tender.
I think the next ones I do I'll brine, because the processors are leaving more and more loin meat on and it gets a tiny bit dry.
I usually do BB ribs with rubbed 2:15 smoke 1:15 foil ( with butter juice vinegar and agave) and then 25-30 minutes with sauce

the smoke and the foil at 250 degrees the sauce at 325 (usually use the oven but could use a grill)

this gives me bite through tender but not fall off the bones or mushy overcooked.

your mileage may vary,

phatbac (Aaron)
eek!  Have never brined ribs.  Usualy just inject butts.   I am down to trying brine though.  Already do it with something and do sometimes fight dryout on ribs, especially when running extended time trying to set sauce. 

Curious what your cook times and box temps look like on BB compared to spares?  My biggest concern is getting cook times right. 

My biggest questions are brine time and how the brine will affect the cook time? In general, I see reduced cook time for brined meats. 
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