First Chuck Smoke

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Jul 30, 2013

Here's a picture of the goods at 154, we are officially stalled out.

My plan is to take it to 165 and foil it. Then put it back on until 205. I would like to shred about two thirds of it and slice the rest for sammiches. The foil back is going to contain peach whiskey, worsch sauce, and beef broth.

Thursday evening I injected it with worsch, dales, soy sauce, beef broth and granulated garlic. The rub is Montreal, garlic powder, and sea salt. I put a smoke mixture of apple and hickory on for the first 2hrs. Updated pics to come.
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Pulled it off at 205 IT. Pulled apart like butter. Shredded it and put it on soft tortillas with avocado cream spread along with a batch of cooler corn.
That's a pretty long time, but a pretty thick chuck too. We like to use the shredded chuck, mixed with some rice and beans and put in stuffed peppers which we then smoke. Excellent.

Looks great!!!!!!!!! Put my first Chucky on this morning.  Worchestershire, Montreal, ALOT of fresh cracked Black Pepper, went into a stall at 156 and just came out of it 3  hours later. Going to wrap  him up in foil and put him back in my COS till he's nice and tender between 195 and 205. Here he is pre bbq done smoking and pulled

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