First Chicken smoke.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ribrat, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. ribrat

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    At 1 pm i threw 2 9lb whole chickens rubbed in bbq rub with an onion inside in my smoker. all is going well IT at 5pm is at 172 should be able to pull off soon.i cant wait they smell great.
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  2. ribrat

    ribrat Newbie

    looks like ill have some soaked wood chips left. Is it ok to keep these or do most peopl toss them?
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  4. foamheart

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    I never saw a 9 lb fryer chicken and yesterday there was a 8.5 lb one also! I am amazed with a 6 lb. and I am a southern country boy.

    What IT are you going to with your chicken? I suppose its higher because it so big.

    You can use the chips again if tomorrow they are still unused. Just throw 'em on the concrete and let 'em dry back out.

    Its the general consensus here though that soaking is useless. <shrugs> BUT.... I am not saying that although I do tend to agree with the dry chip point of view.

    WHAT about the chicken? Pictures!
  5. ribrat

    ribrat Newbie

    Here us the end result everything tasted great nice and moist great flavor
  6. ribrat

    ribrat Newbie

    Thanks Foamheart. i was shooting for 175 IT. after i made the post i checked some more spots to find my probe was incorrectly placed. after further checking i was only at 156 IT. i pulled them at 169. they coasted to 172. i believe it was a great spot to pull them. I'm new to my smoker so been experimenting to determine how i get the best smoke time from a batch of chips. i do believe the soak wasn't necessary but i also wrapped them in foil which i think helped significantly.

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