First boston butt!

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  1. Ok so i got myself a 9lb or so boston butt. I slathered it in mustard and used Skrooge's rub  . I let that sit for about 48hrs. This morning i woke up at about 5 and got the smoker going and here is my pictures. I plan on pulling it so i know the internal has to be around 200. The question is should i pull at 165 to wrap in aluminum or go naked the whole 200. I really would like to try to get some bark so im thinking the whole 200 should be naked. Hopefully it comes out good!



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  2. smokinal

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    Looks like a good start, and yes if you want thick bark don't foil it.

    It will take a little longer to cook without foiling, but in my opinion it's well worth the extra wait.

    But then we really like the bark. It adds so much flavor to the PP.
  3. fpnmf

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  4. pit 4 brains

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    Man that looks fantastic! And the fact that you don't have a probe jammed in it already is another plus. I use a pan just like the one you have under yours only a bit smaller and I toss the but in there when I rub, i let it set overnight in that pand and then I do the smoke in the same pan. If I decide to foil, all I have to do is lay a sheet over the top and tuck it around the rim. Makes it super easy without having to handle that hot chunk of meat. The pan also retains the loose rub and  every bit of juice that runs out of the butt and retains it right there. Once the butt is done. The juice is easily pured out and reserved and the butt can be rested and pulled right in the same pan. Makes it easy to transport too if you need to take it somewhere.
  5. smokinal

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    I have been doing the same thing lately with just about everything I smoke. Smoking in a pan makes cleanup sooo much easier & I don't believe you loose much smoke flavor by not exposing the bottom to smoke. You can also put a small rack in the pan or over the top of the pan if you don't want the meat sitting in the grease, but I think it makes for a juicier piece of meat sitting in the juice.
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    Look good so far [​IMG]
  7. glocksrock

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    I just did a couple of butts this weekend and they turned out fantastic, no foil and no water in the pan either and it was delicious.
  8. seenred

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    This is the same thing I do with most of my butts.  I too get a fair amount of bark, and a bonus is all of the tasty drippings this produces.  I save all those drippings when the butt comes out of the foil, then pour it back over the meat after it's been pulled and is ready to eat.
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    Looks good, 

    how did it turn out?
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    Looking real nice, you'll be hooked after this one[​IMG]

    have fun and...
  11. @fpnmf  225F and i have a pampered chef digi thermo. I popped it in after about 6 hrs.

    @pit 4 brains in my roll call thread i was having that discussion about using a pan or not. i think ill try a pan next time just for kicks

    OK i know you are all gonna be surprised but it still isnt done. i put it in roughly 12 hrs ago and its only at like 154 degrees i had to run to get some more wood so it went down to 200 for about an hour but i think the biggets mistake i made is that the meat was very cold from the fridge when i put it in. Would that be a cause? am i saposed to bring it to kinda room temp before it goes in?

    Thanks everyone its looking real good but just taking longer than expected! ill have some pics once it reaches temp!
  12. fpnmf

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    Ummm.... somethings not right..

    Are you sure your smoker temp is 225???

    Have you checked your therms??

  13. raptor700

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    I would check my temps, something just isn't right
  14. hmmmm i have a standard analog thermometer i use for my turkey fryer ill get a temp of the inside real fast
  15. the one on the front of the door reads 250 the one from the back in the vent which is the second anlog reads 220 right now. hrm everyone said thier masterbuilt therm was right on. think i might need to invest in another remote therm or something
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    That would be great

    Something just doesn't sound right
  17. raptor700

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     That's what we thought

    I never trust a factory therm
  18. pit 4 brains

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    Or you just have one heck of a stall. More than likely you are a little lower and therefora little slower. Does it SMELL like cooked pork? Is the bone protruding? Have you developed any bark?

    When I smoke butts and big batches of ribs, there seems to be that point where I no longer smell the coals/wood but smell that pork rendering down instead. It doesn't always mean it's done but it is a good indication that it's coming 'round the bend..
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  19. smells good

  20. raptor700

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      That's right Pete[​IMG]

    When you get to that point in the cook.......................that's when you're cooking [​IMG]
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