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First Big Cheese Smoke Of The Year w pics


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Been meaning to do this for awhile now and just seems like I haven't had the time. Well a couple days ago I was home from work early and finally had the time to get this batch going. Usually buy cheese on manager special or sale when I can find it and then when I get a large batch I smoke it. Several different kinds here but the good majority of it is cheddar and cabot habanero cheddar.

Here is the haul out of the fridge.

I swear it takes forever to unwrap all of this stuff! Unwrapped and the cheddar cut up. On the racks ready for some smoke.

Used the Smoke vault for this one. Was about 35 degrees out this day. Using apple wood pellets. Put the AMNPS on the wood chip tray under the water pan.

Smoke rolling away. Looks like a ton of smoke when my camera took a flash.

3 1/2 hours and time to come off.



Into the beer fridge for an overnight rest.

Forgot I ran out of pint seal bags. Thank God for 1 day amazon prime shipping! Here it is after its rest.

All sealed up and ready to rest up for awhile.



Top drawer is the batch I just did. Bottom drawer is my older stash. Some has been aging for close to a couple years now.

I would highly recommend the habanero cheddar if you haven't had it before. Never tried smoked parmesan before so that one will be fun as well. Next batch I will get some more muenster, Monterey jack, and swiss done. Thanks for checking it out!



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Looks like your set for a few years!!!
We like Muenster the best & that's all I smoke anymore.
I just go to the Deli and buy the whole block in the cryovac.
They always ask how do you want it sliced & I say just weigh it & leave it in the cryovac.
They think I'm nuts!!!


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That’s a pretty big haul John, should be set for awhile.

Good color too! That’s kinda where my stash is at size-wise. I might do one more before winter is over.


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That's a good looking batch of cheese John!! Hopefully that'll hold ya for a bit. A couple weeks ago I managed to get about 20# smoked and put away. We were down to 3 small packages of cheddar and that just won't work. We go through a LOT of cheese and apparently so do you :emoji_wink: What I smoked might last us three months, and that's only because I also have another 20# that I bought in bulk and grated with the new toy.

LIKE the way you go bog or stay home!!

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Nice Job John!

And I thought I did a bunch....you got me beat.

So far our favorite is the pepper jack...

I really need a separate fridge as it really smelled up the house fridge, two boxes of baking soda later and it is finally starting to get back to it's normal smell.



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Great work John. It looks like it took on some nice color. I've never tried the habanero cheddar. Going to have to try to find it around here. I do ghost pepper as shown in previous posts. Good stuff! You should be set for awhile! LIKE!


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All looks fantastic John!! I love the go big or stay at home approach haha, thats a lotta cheese. I would really especially tear up some of that Cabot habanero smoked!! Funny I was looking at some Cabot cheeses at a store yesterday. I remember when Cabot first showed up at stores in Ohio was a Walmart and it was the cheapest option in the case aside from Great Value store brand. I loved it from day one. Over time they have established theirselves as an excellent cheese and the prices have increased accordingly. Love the seriously sharp and hunters sharp a lot.

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