First beer can chicken

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Meat Mopper
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Dec 26, 2012
Been smoking at 275-300 on the UDS looks good so far. It ended up being awesome and moist. Just wondering when you guys do this does your beer can usually evaporate all the way? I put it on a half can of beer and still had most of it left. Guess i can't complain since it was so dang juicy.

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Nice looking bird. I haven't done a beer can chicken in years. Most of the time the beer doesn't boil out unless you do a hot smoke. The beer really doesn't do much for flavor and isn't needed for a moist bird. I used to do beer can chickens all the time but mostly for the show. If you want to add flavor to the bird a good brine or injection is the way to go. I really prefer to keep things simple, I'm happy with good smoke and a simple rub.
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