Finishing sauce shelf life..

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May 9, 2010
How long do you think a finishing sauce would last in the fridge? Mine has apple juice in it, so I figured that might be the thing that would go bad first. Do you think it could be put in the freezer? My batch made a lot and I know it won’t all get used so I’d hate to have to pitch a lot of it.
What are the other ingredients in it? So far, opened apple juice will last at least a month in the refer, unless it was fresh pressed organic A.J. Any added vinegar and salt will just make it last longer. The things that will kill the shelf life would be any fresh peppers , spices and veggies.

For sure, you could always freeze it for later use, which is most likely the best option unless you plan on using in within the next couple of weeks to a month depending on the added ingredients.

Personally, I would fill a couple of ziplock bags and freeze them flat for easy storage.

Good luck to you.
I agree with Dan. My Finishing Sauce has a lot of Vinegar and has been fine in the refer for a couple of months. If any worrys, freeze it...JJ
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