Finishing Sauce for Brisket

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Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
I haven't saw much on here about pulling brisket but I know it is sometimes done. One of my wifes favorites is brisket sammies so I have been thinking about pulling one and seeing how we like it.

Following that train of thought I got to wondering if anyone had a recipe for finishing sauce specifically for brisket, and if not what your opinions would be on using one like SoFlaQuer's for beef.
You mean besides ketchup?? :P Last Sunday I did a brisket flat along with a couple of turkey breast. The turkey we had for Sunday Supper and the brisket we had for Monday supper. The wife put the brisket in the oven to warm when she got home from work. When I got home the brisket was up to 160* and while I was slicing it for sammiches, the Bride made up some au jus from a packaged mix and I doctored it up with a bit of red wine vinegar and some worcestershire sauce. The brisket we piled high on some deli rolls and topped with provolone cheese; popped them under the broiler long enough to melt the cheese and toast the top roll-put the thing together and dip into the au jus.

I'm going to have to remember to post my last smoke on here.
Hi There ultramag!

This sauce is fantastic on Brisket! But I warn you Ladies and Gentlemen; The Cholesterol Cops will be blowing their whistles on this one!

Here goes:

Lone Steer Brisket Sauce

3/4 pound Beef Fat cut from Steaks,roasts or Brisket :shock:

2 Cups Ketchup

1/2 cup freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

1/2 cup freshly Squeezed Lime Juice

1/2 cup Bourbon

1/2 cup packed Brown Sugar

1 onion, small chop

1 Tablespoon Smoky Hungarian Paprika

1 Teaspoon Celery Salt

1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper

Chop fat into large chunks and render in a cast iron skillet over medium heat until there is about 1 cup of fat in the pan.

Discard unmelted fat and any unwanted fiber that is left over in the melted fat.

Add all remaining ingredients and cover simmering 45 minutes to an Hour. Stirring so as not to burn.

Bottle or put in a sauceboat to pass around at the table

The recipe for this comes from Barbecue America by Rick Browne & Jack Bettridge

They say they got the recipe from afriend who scored it from an un-named pitmaster at a tiny, greasy, smoky and incredibly popular Hole-In-The-Wall barbecue joint on the outskirts of Fort Worth!

I have made and used this many times and it is simple and primo!

ranger72 :D

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i am going to try this.
i already save pre smoked brisket fat for my home made sausages.

it may be possible --
that this is a variation of""goodes"" in houston serving sauce.

i believe their sauce made their
brisket sandwiches the best ive tasted.

i would get mine on the side.
i would pour some of it on freedom fries.

a brisket sandwich--with sauce on side
order of fries--
jalopeno slices [not chips]
bottle of a&w root beer---
lunch dont get no better than that.
larry joe!

You just may have "Kicked This Up A Notch!" by adding "Your pre-smoked Brisket Fatcap to this deal!

I definately need to try that. In the past I have trimmed the fat off of steaks and roasts that were just being cooked on the grill and saved it in my freezer in order to make the sauce with.



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New guy here with an idea. When I smoke a brisket I like to foil at about 170*. I put the brisket (12-14# packer) in an alum. foil pan fat cap down and cover with alum foil till temp is at about 205*. There is at least 1 cup of fat/juice with the seasoning all mixed in. Why not take that and use it in the sauce? Throw some bacon in there somewhere. I've found bacon goes good with everything, except shampoo :roll:

Just an idea. Brisket is my favorite. I usually take said juice and pour over my sliced up flat in a bowl/container. When I heat it up in the microwave it is nice and juicy. Hamburger bun and sliced brisket with a side of burnt ends from the point and a few beers is the best breakfast a guy could ask for.

Gonna have to try this sauce myself some time.
Hey There BigAl!

New guys and new ideas all welcome here!

Sounds like another good idea for the overall picture.

That's the great thing about our forum here; We learn from new and old alike.

Welcome aboard!

ranger72 8)

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Big AL, are you sure you're not a Cajun? Any one who thinks a brisket sandwich and a couple of beers is a nutrious breakfast, is OK in my book.
Ranger, that sauce sounds like a winner and the suggestions by LarryJoe and BigAl will make some great variations.

BTW-Since I made SoFlaQue's Pull Pork Finishing Sauce a "sticky", I'm going to do the same with this. That way it will always be easy to find!
Thanks Ranger! That sounds like an awesome place to start. I see a couple things I wanna tweak, but that sounds good. I'll have to do a substitute on the cup of beef fat cause I don't have any saved up. I kinda like Big Al's idea anyway I think. It may be a while before I use it, but I'll post a report with pics when I do. Thanks again!!!

Great idea on the sticky! :)


Glad you like it. It is really good with beef!


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Mag, I just did a 12# brisket yesterday, sorry no pics, just to give you an idea of how much "juice" would come from foil'n........just for you

At 173* I put the brisket fat cap down in an alum foil pan and covered with alum foil, took it to 197*. There was at least 2 cups of rendered fat with some of the spices mixed in with it. I think it would work good for your sauce, plus you can be make'n the sauce while the brisket "rests".

Just wanted to pass that along. Also, I put fat cap down so it doesn't hurt the flats' bark. The bark after foil isn't the best, but not bad. The side that sits in the juice is always mushy and I cut it off anyway to make burnt ends.
I did a test run today and I have to say this is some pretty good stuff. I followed the recipe with the exception of using a cup of the drippings from the foil instead of rendering the fat. I figured I would post a couple pics of the finished product. Hope you enjoy!

Pulled brisket, no sauce:

Brisket with the Lone Steer Finishing Sauce applied:

Due to various opinions of the the sauce before dinner we used it about every way possible. I liked it best put on and mixed in with pulled meat just like a pork finishing sauce. Some just spooned it on their sandwiches and others dipped sandwiches in it. Some didn't think they were gonna like it at all is the main reason it wasn't added to all the brisket. It has a different taste before placed on meat, a little bit more of a bourbon flavor than when on the sammies.
I see I forgot to add in last post many thanks once again to Ranger72 for sharing the recipe. Also everyone else for their ideas on how to go about. BigAl, I think 2 cups is pretty dang close to what I had in my foil also. I opened it up just enough to suck out a cup of drippings with a syringe so I could get the finishing sauce started simmering.

You are very welcome! Everyone has their own idea of how to apply the sauce to their sammies.

And I also am going to try Bigal's suggestion. Definately adds a higher level of flavor to the concoction. :)

But its a great sauce and I'm glad you tried it.

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Big Al, I use a pan when foiling my brisket or pork butt. I drain off all the liquid into a bowl or glass measuring cup and place it the fridge to get cold .. the fat gels and I spooon it off. I then place the rest of the juices in a pot on the stove and reducing it by 1/2 and use that as my base for finishing sauce.

is this a good bourbon to use: "Ancient Age" brand- Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey? i bought it just for making this sauce.
Hi There chris_harper!

Ancient Age Bourbon is just fine for this recipe. I remember drinking it down south when I was a fresh caught ranger and remember it to be quite smooth for "sippin"

So it will be just fine for the "Lone Steer Sauce"

Good Luck!

ranger72 :)

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Here's my basic sause

2 juiced lemons,
1 tsp white pepper,
1 tsp sea salt,
1 tsp Cajun spice,
4 tsp. Maple syrup,
4 tsp Tomato BBQ sauce

ok, i made this sauce last night. it was very good. my wife was afraid it would be too hot with the red pepper in it. it wasn't hot at all. next time i will spice it up some more. i put some on my pulled brisket sammich, and it was most excellent. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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