Fatty Cannon

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Oct 4, 2012
Bend Oregon
Fatty Cannon, piston, press, whatever you want to call it. Got mine out to use so thought I'd post it here. All PVC. 2" for the barrel (10" long), 3/4" for the ram rod (14"). 2 slip fit ends caps, (2) 3/4" reducers, (1) 1 1/4", the other 1 1/2". No glue needed but you could if you wanted. Fill up the tube with whatever you want. Compress with plunger, leave about 1 1/2" of space in barrel. Put saran wrap on ends and place in freezer for a while to firm up. If you go to long run hot water over outside of barrel. Using ram rod push out filling.

1 1/2" cap for the hand side of the ram rod

1 14" for the jag side of the ram rod


1 1/4" jag end fits perfectly.

Hand end does not!

Filled up. I have 4 barrels total

Push the meat out. If I was doing a fatty, I'd push it out right onto the sausage.

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Is your middle name Ingenious?

That is a cool gadget.

I imagine this only works for all-meat fatties (not rolled with cheese, vegetables, other meats).
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