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Master of the Pit
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Feb 25, 2016
Farmington, MN
The wife was going through the freezer trying to make room and came across a skirt steak. Fajita's she demand... Err I mean politely asked for. So in the 95 degree weather I fired up the Blackstone.


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I'm eating it right now. The wife made blank beans and rice to go with it. Made bowls out of it. We are enjoying it. Even the year and a half year old loved it! (He's getting ready for a bath 😂)
Looks great! The Blackstone is a fajita machine for sure. I fired mine up the other day to do a load of fried cabbage at 90 degrees out. Made the Gatorade taste great lol.
Gatorade??? What do you mix that with??? 😂. I just had a beer since I figured wouldn't take too long. Marinated the steak in olive oil and Kinders carna asda spice overnight. The wife loved them. Going back for myself! Thank you for the likes everyone!
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Looks great! We had tacos on the stove top, just not near as cool as the flat top, but still was good!

Missed this yesterday . Bowls is a good way to do it . Nice change of pace .
Looks great .
Yes, we do that all the time, usually on lettuce, spinach and the like, sometimes with a corn salsa and avocados. Helps us eliminate the carbs from the tortilla.
Best part I even had leftovers for lunch at work today. Warmed them up and had half the office at my desk wanting some. Damn savages lol.
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