Failure, failure, failure!!!!!

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JAM, I am glad you are back. Folks thought you fell off the earth. Several will get in touch and give you some real help.

I have read all the posts and this post has some good info.

If your temps are jumping all over the place, it is probably in 1) the controller, maybe it is wet? 2) Thermocouples, broken wire or wire loose at the controller. 3) connections for the heating element. 4) power cord.

Hang in there. You have willing and able assortment of comrades here.
My offer is still open to chat if you want. I also still really recommend you talk to the owner at SmokinTex and clearly explain your issues. He is a very generous man  and use my name if you want. He is very aware of me here on this forum There are hundreds of these units being used very successfully by restaurants and  lots of guys like me.

I WOULD NOT install that controller on a SmokinTex. It does not match up with the heating element. Don' t know who is telling you to use the Bradley controller but I really doubt they have the experience with your smoker.   I feel your issue could be an issue with the equipment AND there is a learning curve using electric.

I will also tell you that I do not use the wood chunk box in my unit. I long ago switched over to an AMAZN Smoker as my smoke source and since I changed over I have had no issues at all.

Good luck and again let me know if I can help
Hey JoAnn, don't give up, there are a lot of knowledgeable folks here,  I'm sure they can figure out the problem.

In reading your post you say the thermostat failed shortly after you bought it, you replaced it with a new one and now you are having the same problems as when the first thermostat failed, is that correct?

Might I suggest you replaced the 'symptom' of the problem rather than what is 'causing' the thermostat to fail. 

Can you take the unit back to where you bought it and ask for a new one?

Scarbelly suggested you call Scott at Smokin Tex, have you done that?

Just thinking out loud,

You're Back!

Ditto to what Scar says.

Contact the Owner, not just a customer service rep.

You may just have a lemon and he's the only one who can fix it for you!!

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