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    I posted this in the other thread, but I'm going to repeat it here. The next step in healthy living is exercise. You don't have to run 10 miles a day, but you do need to be active. A 1/2 hour walk everyday will accelerate weight loss & change your blood chemistry. I believe exercise is more important than diet in maintaining a healthy body. If you can do both, exercise & eat healthy you are going to reverse many of the health problems you may have. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, artery clogging, can all be reversed with diet & exercise.  But you need to do both. You will be surprised that the 1/2 hour walk you struggle with at first will turn into a 1 hour walk & seem easy after a couple of months. If you live in a cold climate & can't walk outside, then go to a Mall & walk inside. If you can't walk because of bad knees, then get a stationary bike or join the Y and learn how to swim. You guys don't really know my past, but I have been an athlete almost all my life & still exercise everyday. I live in a retirement community & see 80-90 year old folks walking, swimming, doing water aerobics, playing tennis, etc. everyday. Many of them are in very good health. The one thing they have in common is they are active. I urge you all to make some kind of exercise a part of your daily routine.
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    Thanks Al for the reminder!  We all need to pay better attention, and actually ACT!
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    Al this is so true. When I retired on 10/31 I started walking with a friend of mine who had neck surgery and needed to walk to help strengthen his neck. We started with a few blocks and are now up to 2 miles daily and he does a second lap later in the day. Next week we committed to try a second lap at the same time we do the first one. That will mean 4 miles and it is getting easier every day. 

    Who would have thunk that at 65 I would be getting healthier than I have been in the last 10 years
  4. I have bad knees and the elliptical has been great (though some do speculate that it was invented by the devil...)
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    Hi all. As a 50 year old heart attack survivor 2 months ago, I have a few 'words to the wise'.As good as bacon is, it is Not your friend! It kills me to say that. I just learned that there is a 'Bacon of the month club!' 

      Start taking care of your heart and arteries now, before they rebel. Cut out as much saturated fat as you can. I never read a product label till I was released from the hospital. Now I read all labels! Take over the counters to help lower your colesterol. I now take fish oil (2000 mg) red yeast rice (1200 mg)  and lipid stable so that I don't have to take Lipitor. My doc is planning a new collesterol test in January.

      Exercise is still a good idea. "Use it or lose it". Everyone needs regular exercise to keep the body working properly. Keep it up and push yourself just a little farther. Don't smoke (I have yet to quit) and don't drink ( Are you kidding!"  or you will die! (From my cardiologist)  I gave up bacon!

      Not trying to scare anyone but, at 50 I thought I was in great shape. No doctors and no daily pills. Now I take a handfull morning and night.

      OK, off my soap box. If you see me about to die, Please, put some pork fat in my mouth!

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    All so true!  I am in a regular exercise program at therapy; they have a gym we work out in with all sorts of machines for both upper and lower workouts.  But, you don't need expensive or fancy equipment; walking or an inexpensive stationary bike is ideal; my strokes left me with a noticeable limp and sometimes walking is hard on uneven surfaces, but I can get on the bike for 10 - 15 min. and burn calories and keep fit; couple the bike with upper exercises you get a double-whammy of good!  Use small weights, or a couple books, a handful of magazines (brings new meaning to "heavy reading"!)  or to begin with nothing more than your arms and go through a routine of bringing your arms out to the sides, to the front, raise above your head, back to your front, to your sides and down for a count of 10 to rest, then repeat, all the while pedaling in your bike!  Upper and lower workout, 10 minutes a day, can bring great benefit!  I bought my "Air Bike" at Walmart for $88 and have had it for years, still runs fine as long as I lube it now and then!  Plus, it has exercise arms you can pump too, but requires bending forward which is hard on my back, so I opt for the manual exercises.  This is the most current model and it's $89.99 - hasn't changed price!  And, they have more expensive and fancier models too, but for basic exercise, you can't beat this for the price!

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    Plus, you can join a gym rather inexpensively; just had one outpatient join 24 Hour Fitness through Costco, got a good deal on it from what she was telling.

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